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How to make Mobile Keylogger ?

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01-06-2020 09:03
Hello. here , I will tell you how to make Mobile Keylogger applied. Good reading to all of you.

First of all, let's answer this question, what is Keylogger in general. Keylogger is a software that records them when you press any key from the keyboard. People who send this software to any computer are stealing information from that computer. With this, it is possible to easily see the folders inside the computer. With this method, important things like e-mail passwords and even a credit card number can be stolen. In this ********, I will tell about leaking from Computer to Android Phone. We will use the DroidJack program.

First thing we need to do is go to the DuckDns site. You can log in with your Google or Twitter account here.

After login, such a page will meet you. You need to write something in the sub domain section. If the name you set is already taken, choose something new. Then go to the install section in the upper left and download the DuckDns program to your computer.

Then right click on the program and click on DuckDNS Setting . Write the domain you bought in the domain section here. You will see Token on the home page when you open the domain. Paste your Token here. Then click the Ok button. This was our job with DuckDNS .

Now you need to enter the modem's interface. First open Run - open cmd by typing cmd. Then type ipconfig and click enter. Here, type the address next to Default Gateway / Default Gateway to Google.

Here we go to the Application / Application ~ Port Forwarding / Port Forwarding page. And we make the settings as in this picture.

We will use the DroidJack program. To use this program, we first need to install Java on our computer. You can download and install it on your computer by entering the official site.

Then we select Java by right clicking on the DroidJack program and saying Open with.

As you can see, the program is opened. We come to the Generate APK section. You can enter the name of the APK in the App Name section. This can be anything. Similarly to the File Name section. In the Dynamic DNS section, we write the domain we created with duckdns. In the port section, we enter the port we created in the modem interface. Whatever you say Bind with another APK at

the bottom , you can put a keylogger in the previously created APK file. After doing these, we click the Generate button. Then the APK file you created will be in the folder. All you need to do is deliver the APK file to the person you designate.

If the person you set your keylog installed and opened on their phone, it is seen in the Devices section. You can now access that phone.

As an example, let's go to the File Voyager section. You can see all the files of the phone through this feature. You can also install it on your own computer. Selecting the file you specified and clicking the Go button.

With the SMS Trekker feature, we can see the person's sms history.

You can also see call logs with the Call Manager feature.

You can also listen to the ambient sound with the Remote Ears feature.

You can also open the cameras of the phone with the Remote Eyes feature.
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