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Creating a Rat Without Port

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04-08-2020 09:33
Friends, this topic is often opened to the help center for this event, let me tell you in detail.

First of all you have to open a port for rat. The reason is this.

This is necessary in order to direct the connection to the modem IP address to your computer.

That is to say;

Let ip address be server.

Let 81.xx.x5x.xx ip address be client.

Server = The person receiving the Rat
Client = The person who send the Rat

Client: for example = It could be spynet, darkcomet, hakkops rat.

After opening our program, we create a server.


It is necessary to prepare the server correctly to provide remote access to the victim’s computer that infected the server.

Constant IP: Each time you turn your modems on and off, you get a new IP address. These IP addresses are distributed regionally. You can keep your IP address constant by paying a small difference fee by going to your internet provider to fix your IP addresses. But it’s possible to do this without paying, it just takes a little work. We create a stable Ip address with duckdns or no-ip.

We add this as a port to our server.

For example: server will use this address 81.xx.x5x.xx to connect to the client, but even modem has ports. 21 is called the modem port. Many ports, such as the 80 interface, are within the modem itself. Generally, port 1064 is preferred.

If the attacker uses a static IP address to prepare the server (81.xx.x5x.xx) when he turn the modem on and off, it won’t be able to access the victim because this address has changed. If the attacker uses a stable ip address hen creating server ( this will show the IP address of the modem with program and this Ip address won’t be a problem for you even if you turn the modem off and of directly.

Now let’s come to the issue of port;

Multiple users cn connect to the modem. For this reason, within themselves, these users also get ip addresses. (like 192.168.1.**, 192.168.2.**) These addresses also change each time the modem is switched on and off. For this, you must establish a MAC = ip address relationship with modem.

Mac address = It is used to separate computer, phone etc.

We will use the ip address to route the incoming connection to the modem to the mac address, we will use the port to send the victim to the attacker who came to the modem. Let’s summarize.

Victim > Modem > Port inside Modem > User IP address

Our victim will be connected to our modem, our modem will bring us our victim, we will use the port to access the victim.

I will explain what I said with examples that there will be those who don’t understand what I say.

Modem = Home
Victim = Guest
Attacker = Home owner
IP address = Province
Port = Street

The home (modem) owner will give him the home address (ip address) to reach the victim, guest will ask questions about which building, which floor (port), with this information, the guest will be home.

If you don’t tell the guest what apartment it is, he on’t be able to reach you, will he?

This is why Port is required. It is very difficult to have a rat without a port. Because when the rat is without a port, the computer itself is a modem, however the port is required to read that file.

For this reason, we no longer open the topic for portless Rat.


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