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What is Memz

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08-10-2020 22:29

Memz Virus
Hello everyone, i want to introduce you a virus that can crush your computer. Even this virus is highly dangerous, Memz prepared for humiliate and have fun with your target. Instead of crushing your computer directly, it makes slow and interesting moves. For example, if your computer is infected with this virus, suddenly your browser searching "What if we delete system 32?".

Memz is a special trojan that was created for part of a parody for a YouTube series. The creator, a change in the word meme, claims that it was designed only to be entertained with a limited audience, but one of those viewers leaked it to the internet. After that, the source code was made public through free developer sites such as Github, and hackers began to use it.

Supported OS Systems
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8,10

What is Memz Doing

When the memz infect your computer, it is in the storage device or BAT form. Depending on the variant involved, it can operate your system in few privilege ways. Memz doesn’t directly attack your personal information, but it can seriously damage your system. Memzs primary purpose is corrupt the boot menu of Windows. It attacks the first sector of your computer's hard drive, which affects the boot record and requires advanced troubleshooting. After that, Memz make your computer beaten until repairs are made. However it doesn't really destroy your system because it doesn't delete the BIOS, but dont be happy, your computer's operating system is gone in seconds.
Some versions of the Memz show you some allerts that you infected by Memz, but mostly you can’t realize before you see this allert in your notepad.

How Can Memz Infect Systems

Memz mostly infect your computer through e-mails,infected websites and softwares. Maybe you clicked an e-mail that can download Memz to your computer silently. The fastest way to delete Memz is open the command prompt and run the command taskkill / f / im MEMZ.exe to stop the trojan. Altough, this won't actually remove Memz from your system, so you'll have to take additional steps to uninstall your computer and then rebuild it.

1- Use a bootable antivirus scanner that can check your system for viruses and remove them.
2- Check for advanced troubleshootings.
3- Now you must use System Restore to revert to an earlier point on your computer before getting the Memz virus. Make sure you choose a time period that you know is absolutely free of virus on your computer.

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