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How to Protect From Trojans

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14-01-2021 16:24
Welcome TurkHackTeam Members, today I will give some tips to protect your PC against Trojan viruses.

Trojans may be in different shapes. However it's really important to avoıd them. Because Trojan viruses can steal many important information.

This malicious software can be employed by cyber-thieves and hackers trying to gain access to the users’ systems and users are tricked by some or the other form of social engineering into loading and executing Trojans on their systems. It creates a backdoor on the computer that gives malicious users access to your system, and can also allow confidential or personal information to be compromised.

However, unlike viruses and worms, Trojans neither reproduce by infecting other files nor do they self-replicate. So this is good news but still you need to protect yourself.

Well, how will you protect your system against Trojans?

Keep your computer updated:

Always try to keep your system updated as, updating your computer will also keep your computer’s security suite and firewall up to date, which will consequently improve the chances of your security options preventing a trojan horse from downloading before it ever reaches your computer.

Avoıd downloading files from third-party sites:

Don’t download software from any site other than the one on which it originated because it is risky, and can lead to accidentally installing malware. There would be viruses in the files, perhaps binded.

Try not to use P2P or torrenting sites:

For the same reason that downloading programs from third-party sites is not recommended, using a torrent or P2P site to download files can be dangerous for the computer. So prevent Torrent downloads. Try to not use pirate softwares.

Don’t disable your antivirus or firewall:

While some programs recommend making exceptions in the firewall or disabling the antivirus for a small period of time, in doing so, you open your computer to attacks and it can be conducive to trojan horse installations. If you disable your firewall, windows cannot protect you. Whether it is a trojan or a normal software, won't matter.

Remove troublesome programs in Safe Mode:

Safe Mode restricts the number of programs which can run to only the most basic ones needed to run the computer and this will often disable programs which were installed by a trojan horse, that allows you to remove them without running into errors or having them come back later. Using safe mode will let you remove malicious software.

So, following these steps, you can protect your computer from Trojan attack. In case, if you think that your system is attacked by Trojan, then you can read our other articles about Computer and system security in TurkHackTeam International Forum section.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.
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