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Computer Security

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Computer Security

I will talk about what we have to do to protect our computer in this article. I will talk about the precautions we can take and the things we need to protect.

Protect Your Computer With A Strong Password

Set a password to prevent strangers from logging into your computer. You can put 2 kinds of passwords on your computer. One is the bios password, the other is the windows account password. Bios password is a bit high-level, but it's a necessary measure for those who care about security. It is useful to make the Windows account password long and complex. Don't make it too complicated, so it's not hard to remember. Never write down your password on a piece of paper. Others can learn your password and enter your computer.

Use An Antivirus Program

There are a lot of antivirus programs on the market. It doesn't matter which one you choose, most of them provide the necessary security. However, using one will be good for your safety. There are many details, such as interface, scan speed, or slowing down the computer. Choose whichever one suits you and start using it. Do not forget that there are many fake sites on the internet. Just download the program from official sites.


If you are using Windows, every computer has a standard firewall. If your computer is infected and you do not have an antivirus program, it is a very useful program. Keep it up-to-date and detect new viruses so your computer is a little safer. Because it also automatically scans the files you download, it prevents you from downloading something wrong for you.

Operating System

There are a lot of vulnerabilities in the system in older versions. Companies release new updates to make the system more secure and stable. That’s why it is important to update the operating system. Sometimes it can cause new problems, but I suggest you update it, as it will close previously found vulnerabilities.

Virtual Machine

If you are browsing dangerous sites and are not sure what to download, it will be useful to install a virtual machine on your computer. By opening files that you think are harmful here, you avoıd infecting your computer with viruses. Even if the virtual machine is infected, when you delete the program and install it again, the virus does not remain.

Data Backup

Despite all these precautions you take, things may not go well and your computer may become infected or your computer may crash. It will be useful to back up your files to get rid of these situations and secure them. It would be good to back up your data to an external hard drive.


The Internet is a big place. There are a lot of malicious programs inside and it is not always possible to avoıd them but, we can protect ourselves. Never give up security. I recommend that you take the precautions I mentioned. Your computer security will be significantly increased.

Thanks for reading!


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