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Help Center - Topic Rules

1) Topic must suit to its section. Read the description under sections before opening the topic and be sure this section is the right one.

2) Title of topic must be related to its content. It's forbidden to use words like 'urgent', 'please', 'help me', 'about', 'take a look', 'forum administration', 'authorities come' in title of topic.

3) It's forbidden to use swear, slang, +18, advertising, contact address, etc. within topic. Posts that against this rule will be deleted.

4) Even if it's urgent and important, it's forbidden to open topic more than one. If it's so necessary, contact with an online authorized person by private message. (sending PMs to admins directly is forbidden)

5) Hack request, mail hack request, social media account hack request, etc. are forbidden.

6) Using expressions like "for God's sake", "for heaven's sake", "for the sake/love of God", "for Christ's sake" in the title or content of the topic is forbidden.

7) Requests about smartboard which is in schools are forbidden. Opening topics like cracking password, injecting virus, access to forbidden websites is definitely forbidden. If users opens this kind of topics, these topics will be deleted and user will be warned. If they insist sharing these questions, they will get banned permanently. This rule is valid for the whole forum. Public property belongs to all of us. And this is our duty to protect it.

8) Topics about copyrighted movie download, mp3 download, movie suggestion, live sports competition are forbidden. In the case of possible report, Turkhackteam administration isn't responsible. They can't be denoted as responsible, too.

9) Topics about your own private life (e.g: psychologic or health problems..) are forbidden.

10) Every kind of grouping within forum are forbidden.

11) Topics like "I just opened a website, how does it look like?" and sharing your personal website are forbidden.

12) Fake id and the like topics are forbidden for whatever reason it might be.

13) Necrobumping older than one week is forbidden. Unsolved topics for one week can be necrobumped by only its owner user.

Help Center - Post Rules

1) Sent post must be related to its topic. Off topic posts will be deleted by authorities.

2) It's forbidden to moving your topic by sending posts for no reason. These unnecessary posts will be deleted by authorities.

3) It's definitely forbidden to flood. You have to use quote button while answering multiple post.

4) Don't send your post twice. If you see something like this, report it to authorities.

5) Sent post must be swear and slang free. If you see something like this, report it to authorities.

6) Entering into a discussion, doing politics, and insulting statesmen within forum are forbidden.

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