All features coming with Android 14 update

All features coming with Android 14 update

Android, on of the main operating systems used in smartphones, continues to develop and become more preffered day by day with the support of Google. Those who use the Android operating system will enjoy Android 14, developed by Google without slowing down, and the inovations this version will bring.

It is known that some New features will come to devices with Android 14.
In addition, improvements to existing features also increase Android users' excitement about the update.

Innovations and features brought by the Android 14 uptade

•New user interface
•Design improvements
• Advenced notification features
•Improvements in privacy and securty settings
•Artificial intelligence integration
•Increased battery life
• Speed and performance improvements
•Camers focus, effects and image improvements
•Lossless sound quality in headphones connected via USB Type-C
•Data sharing bettwen health and fitness apps thanks to the Health Connect application
•Configurations in swipe gestures
•Magic Compose feature
•Night mode feature and 10 bit in social media tools
•HDR video support
•Possibility to activate the Ultra HDR feature
•Ability to create your own wallpeaper using emojis
•Ability to wiew the weather forecast in a single line when the screen is locked
•Rounded edge detail in the settings tab
•Ability the choose color for flash notifications
•Visual adjustments to be made on the settings pages
•Different theme options
•Improved clock designs
•Transparent navigation bar
•Technical innovations that expand personalization possibilities
•Much larger fonts are now available
•Very old applications will no longer be able to be installed
•Improved PIN privacy



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