Data Becker Einladungs-Druckerei v.12.0

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Data Becker Einladungs-Druckerei v.12.0
Data Becker Einladungs-Druckerei v.12.0 | 3 GB Impress your friends, colleagues and relatives with invitations created in your own personal design! Just over 180,000 attractive, print-ready templates to select the favorite design, by his own desires print, edit or export as PDF file for e-mailing - finished! Data Becker GmbH & Co. KG The Data Becker GmbH (a brand name in the spelling DATA BECKER) is one of the oldest German IT specialist publishers. Released in January 1981 by Achim Becker and Harald Becker brothers, sons of the Dusseldorf car dealer William Becker, initially as a specialist in computer accessories company founded since 1981, software, IT literature and computer magazines. In addition, computer accessories and consumables such as ink cartridges and cleaning products are offered. The headquarters of Data Becker is in the southern city center of Dusseldorf (Dusseldorf-Bilk), the magazine editor and book publisher in the immediate vicinity. Data Becker currently employs approximately 160 employees. The company's products are available in several European countries. In software, Data Becker published programs for Internet projects (web pages, online shops, community) and private (system tools, printers and software designers, Gold Series). In book publishing books and professional computer users books on topics arising around digital photography. The magazine publisher is published each month the computer magazine PC World, also regularly publishes special issues such as "webselling" and "photo practice." Product details To realize your creative ideas are open to many possibilities: from 3D writings on photo filters to impressive "glow and shadow" effects. Text can be aligned well to tracks or arrange them in forms (for example, in the heart). To add your own photos with a few clicks. 50 000 high quality photos and clipart provides for the design of your invitations with the same program (Download Version: 5000 photos and clipart). Wizard practical arrangements to facilitate the invitation. They allow a uniform format including a complete invitation set (cover, cover letter, table and menu cards, thank you, etc.) and the perfectly fitting expression of your ideas in just the right size. When you merge you save money with an integrated address database plenty of time. For the professional production to export your maps to PDF format - also with cut marks. The dispatch of your finished cards by e-mail is also possible. Around the ideal start for your party! Properties Over 180 000 attractive templates for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. NEW: Impressive "glow and shadow" effects NEW: align text to paths, leave around images and arrange them in forms Set Wizard for a uniform layout of invitation, response card, place cards, thanksgiving, etc. 3D-rendering text with a mouse click Original pop-and Z-cards Own photos and images with just one click templates integrate Quick Styles for stunning effects Paper Assistant for accurate prints in the desired format Including 50,000 photos, and clipart to create your custom designs (5,000 photos and clipart in the download version) Easy-to-use Easy mode for beginners and powerful for experts, professional mode Integrated with professional image-editing functions Image Wizard for quick fixes color and font change the whole map with a mouse click Professional expression merge, crop marks, overprinting, ink saver, pressure profiles, PDF export and support for all common paper formats Dispatch of invitations by e-mail Address database for personal and professional contacts and to facilitate the merge Home : DATA BECKER - Software, Bcher & Zubehr Download links (4% Recovery):
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