Email security & ways to protect emails

Tommy Angelo

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25 Nis 2020
What Users Should Look Out For Email Security.


E-mails provided through electronic medias are a technological medium of communication.
With these E-mails your files like pictures, videos, musics, documénts etc. can be sent in the best and fastest way.

This communication network, which carries important, confidential and sensitive content, passes through many servers so that E-mails can reach the recipient from the sender.These valuable emails are, of course, being wondered about by other people, and being attacked by these emails is now considered as a normal thing.
E-mails can be stopped, changed, deleted or redirected at any time on the route between the sender and the recipient when they receive an attack.

These emails, which are known as spam, can be attacked by methods such as baiting, fishing, phishing or hoax.
However, a lot of social media we use today can be registered with email and password reset, takes place through these emails.

So how can we keep our e-mails safe in a place so vulnerable to attacks?

Ways to protect our emails.

- By not choosing a simple password. By regularly changing our passwords to contain large, small, numbers and special characters consisting of at least 8 strong characters within 50-80 days. In this way, it becomes a powerful password against Brute-Force attacks.
- Using two-factor authentication.
- Use different passwords on all platforms on the Internet.
- Never use the Save Password feature on a browser.
- Do not respond to emails from people you do not know.
- Check the email addresses of emails from people you expect and know. Do not click on the link if they sent a link in the E-mail. Copy and open the link in the browser services.
- First download the e-bills from the bank or billing services to your computer then check it on the antivirus program and open.
- Select an email service that does not reset the password via email.
- Do not click on the documénts and links found in the spam box and wonder about the emails that fall into the Spam box.

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