Forum Rules

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20 May 2002

1- Users are responsible for their own posts. Our forum doesn't accept any responsibility because posts of users.
2- Posts that transgress the constitution of the Republic of Turkey or international rules, aggrements, and bylaws can't be exist here.
3- Provocative and insolent posts about nationality or religion aren't acceptable. (E.g: Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian, Jewish, Cherkess, Black, Arabish, Gypsy, Romany, Russian, Immigrant, etc.)
4- Sending threatening, abusive, against mores, hateful or spam posts; sending post and using materials about religious, language, or race discrimination are forbidden.
5- Only political or propaganda posts are forbidden.
6- Every kind of teaser messages are forbidden.
7- Capitalization on the whole post is forbidden.
8- Every kind of advertising in topics and posts are forbidden.
9- It's forbidden to using loads of images or videos within forum. Using too much images and videos may cause to ruin page system or slow opening page down.
10- Forum admins or authorities have right to delete or modify non-observant topics and posts.
11- User who contravene forum rules or mission can be banned temporarily or permanently.
12- Some specific section rules that doesn't exist here, can be specified within that section by authorities as well.
13- There is no possibility to delete your account like it never exist here due to legal obligation. You can request to make your account deactivated. Click here for more detail.
14- Copyrighted mp3, movie, program, and game sharing is forbidden.
15- Posts and link sharing about illegal sports competition and movie broadcast of local platforms like Digiturk, BeIN Sports, Tivibu, or D-Smart are forbidden.
16- Activities like credit card theft, buying credit card numbers, shopping with stolen credit cards, Paypay fraud, and hijacking bank accounts are forbidden. Also fake id, money, documénts activities are forbidden too.
17- Insulting Ataturk or statesmen is forbidden.
18- Sharing Wolfteam hack topics is forbidden.
19- Sharing personal informations such as name, surname, phone number, picture, etc. within forum is forbidden.
20- Hacking activities like smartboard applications within the scope of the F@tih project, e-okul, kyk internet access and are forbidden.
21- Users who keeps sharing political topics or posts despite the warning, will be banned 1 - 3 - 15 days respectively. If they insist sharing political messages, they will be banned permanently.
22- Sharing irrelevant or troll posts in 'About Forum' section are reason of ban without warning. (Term of first ban will be 1 day, second ban will be 15 days, afterwards permanently.)
23- Sharing crack-null vbulletin files on vBulletin section is forbidden.
24- Business operations, processes like buying and selling product-service are forbidden.
25- Users help to each other with softwares like TeamViewer and Ammyy within forum is forbidden. Otherwise Turkhackteam isn't responsible for damage that may occur.
Üzgünüz bu konu cevaplar için kapatılmıştır...
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