How to Fix a Crypter?


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6 May 2020
Look google or stackfallower youtube have best example video and so short and easy


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21 Nis 2020
If you cannot bypass antiviruses then you could not make a proper crypter nor it works well. You should explain the situation better and then we may help you in more detail.


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8 May 2021
Broh Maybe i can help, so;
Patlamış Crypterlere Çözüm !
This question has been asked before in the forum, I will send this article directly to you, I hope it will be useful to you.

Yes, friends, I think this is the first time I'm opening this topic.
Yes, You Will Never Have to Rewrite Exploded Crypters Again!
And you will edit the file without any damage.
Purpose of Crypters:
Crypters are known to encrypt the file, but the situation is a little different. I've never posted a crypter on the forum and never will. (The reason is that most unnecessary people scan and detonate crypters)
In this way, they detect files encrypted with the same key.
So, How Do We Understand When We Have Never Encrypted: If our files will reflect the target computer's desktop, for example, to us, and if the other party will do this by working in the background without warning, virus programs prevent this.
How to Fix Exploded Crypter:
Usually everyone starts from scratch and reopens the project, gives a password again, and thanks to the password change, the crypter starts to hide again.

First of all, we encrypt the file with a crypter (it doesn't matter if it's exploded).
After encrypting, the structure and size of the file will change. Let's open the changed size with notepad (I prefer "notepad++") after opening:

2 tane "PublicKeyToken=*acayipşeyleryazıyo*" acayipşeyleryazıyo = crypterin şifresidir.

In the exploded crypter, they block it because antivirus programs know it.
but let's write something here that even we don't know :D (of course, don't use the same characters everywhere, they think it's a new crypter and examine it)

and where do we Any amendment together VirusTotal to let (report to the sender system)
virus total this virus in me "7/56" was found as and important ones - ESET, Kaspersky, comodo- passed :)
came a lot of questions that I answer the question;
Question : Which Crypter Should We Use?
1- First of all, "Expert Crypter" is an encrypted crypter, so it will not be in Expert Crypter.
2- It can be any or crypter written in c#.
Updated / 24.02.2017 = This method is blocked by the windows10 firewall, and it can be run smoothly on other systems.
Question : Virus Structure Deteriorates When Changed.
Answer: The virus doesn't actually break.. Encrypt it using a crypter, so the crypter you encrypt should not harm your program. This just changes the token property, ignoring the crypter. If you do this without using a crypter, your file structure may be corrupted. If you are trying this on a crypter that corrupts your file structure, you are making a mistake from the beginning. Choose a crypter that will not corrupt your file.

İ wish i can help
Goodluck :)
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