PicShrink v2.1


Kıdemli Üye
28 Eyl 2007

PicShrink bmp, jpg, gif, png, wmf, emf formatlarını destekleyen, format dönüştürme, sıkıştırma, yeniden boyutlandırma, efekt ekleme, watermark ekleme gibi özelliklere sahip bir grafik aracıdır.

Optimize your Digital images with ease! Compress and edit your digital photos for web design, e-Mails and presentations easily.Have you found that picture data needs loads of space on your hard drive? PicShrink can prevent that by optimizing [FONT=&quot]pictures[/FONT] without loss of quality.

Resize and compress pictures with PicShrink.

Most people dont know the size of files or picture data before
trying to send them and then find they are too large to send.
With PicShrink you can see the original picture and the smallest
picture file size.



Multiple file optimization: edit, compress and convert image bulk in one go:
Let the computer do the work for you. Just open loads of images or a complete picture folder, enter your required settings and let the rest be done by your new fellow: PicShrink. No more technical issues to solve

Set your own Image size and resolution
Pictures are shown in pixels, instead of centimeter. Pictures for printing are generally shown in centimeter or inch. The resolution plays a prominent role, too. Printing data needs a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch), pictures for monitors only need a resolution of 72 dpi. PicShrink shows the size of the picture and resolution so you can adjust the optimal balance between print data and internet data.

Quality control
PicShrink finds the best balance of quality and size for web images. With PicShrink it is extremely easy to reduce your file size without any noticeable loss of quality.

WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get!
In preview mode PicShrink compares original and new picture. Settings in quality and size of a picture are shown in “real time”. You will know how your optimized picture will look like before saving it.

Picture adjustments
Set brightness and contrast and intensity, to get the best out of a digital photo. You never knew how much you can actually brighten up your images...

Rotate and mirror images
This feature allows you to rotate your images or flip them horizontal or vertical. With the Auto Exif function PicShrink detects those images that have been captured with a camera that was held upright and rotates them automatically the way they are supposed to be.

Add a border to images
For a professional presentation you have the possibility to add a border in any size or color to your images

Crop images
With this function you can cut the sides of your images to show only details and reduce background. Cropping size can be set by pixel or percentage. Settings can be used for batch cropping to process many images at once
Paste Images from clipboard
Once you have copied images from your explorer menu, browser window or other PC application to your clipboard you can paste them into the PicShrink container to proceed with editing them.

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