Preliminary Guide For New Members

Üzgünüz bu konu cevaplar için kapatılmıştır...


Kıdemli Üye
19 Tem 2011
1. Before opening a topic, ensure to read the "Section Rules" of the relevant category.

2. Do not post as "Current" before the topic drop on the second page. For example, if you are waiting for an answer before you on help center, your "current" post will update your topic. But after your topic is on page 2, you can post as "current".

3. Do not post consecutively. If you are going to answer, use this button all at once
, not consecutively. Posting one after the other causes pollution.

4. Multi topic, two separate topics with the same content, is forbidden. If you need help with something, just open one topic, it's enough.

5. Do not include pictures, gifs etc. icons in your signature. It is a privilege granted to the management and VIP members to put images, gifs etc. on the signature.

6. Do not post nonsense comments to the topics opened. Posting irrelevant posts can cause controversy with topic owners.

7. It is forbidden to use expressions "So Important, URGENT, I will give anything to the person who does the job, etc." in the title and content.

8. All headings with insufficient such as "Emergency, Help, About, If you know come help etc." are forbidden. Please title your problem to describe it. The descriptive title attracts the attention of everyone who sees and knows.

9. Quoted topics are strictly prohibited. However, the link or useful section of the content can be left in the Help Center provided that it is helpful.

10. Do not use expressions such as "buddy, my friend, etc." to the forum administrators. There is a hierarchy in our forum and we have to obey.

11. Trading in the forum is forbidden, except for the "Pentester Stock Exchange". Yet, it is your responsibility to have any problems in the trade if you made it secretly.

13. Do not resurrect old topics. Because old topics may be out of date. (Except for the topics on the important section.)

14. If you share a program in the subject, do not forget to include the antivirus result link. For example, you can use the following sites:
* Virustotal
* NoDistribute
* AntiScan.Me

15. Do not make requests in a private message directly to the Higher Administration. If you have a problem, send a private message to the Assistants.

16. Before opening a topic, you can find the solutions to your question by searching about your problem in the search section.

17. Before discussing the Turk Hack Team Help Center, take a look at the topic "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers [READ BEFORE ASKING]". Topic link: [A LINK MUST BE ADDED HERE]

18. If you have a general problem with the forum, first apply Article 16 and then open it to the "About Forum" section. Unnecessary topics in this section results in a penalty.

19. When you have a problem with any member, do not open a topic immediately. Tell one of the active Assistants about your problem at that moment. Article 15 also valid here.

20. It is forbidden to open and trade hacking requests, special graphic design requests, etc.

21. Shortening the links or any link sent to different sites for profit is prohibited. It is also forbidden to use these links in signature.

22. Please read the "YOU MUST READ THIS" section in the About Forum section. The topics here will guide you.

23. Open the topics that you do not understand or are stuck with (Mobile, Software | Programming, Reverse Engineering, GNU / Linux, Network, Malware, Hardware, Game, Social Engineering, Winows, Penetration Tests, Algorithm) to the THT Help Center. Open your non-technical content in the Off Topic category.

24. If you want to get suggestions for any topic, use the "Off Topic" category.

25. Please open a topic to the "I have a complaint" section to complain about fraud and any company. Do not use here to complain a member . Please contact the THT moderators in such a case.

26. If you encounter a situation that is against the forum rules, you can report it to us using the report button.

27. When the topic owner does not answer, do not post the question as a visitor message to the profile of the topic owner. If you have a problem, ese the THT Help Center.
Üzgünüz bu konu cevaplar için kapatılmıştır...
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