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Producer Loops Funky Hip Hop Grooves MultiFmat /templates/new/images/468x60_PPS.gif Producer Loops Funky Hip Hop Grooves MULTiFMAT | 3.62 GB Funky Hip Hop Grooves from DJ Khalid and Supalife Recds is laced with upfront drums, lush cymbals, punchy basslines, epic strings, pristine pianos, funky hn stabs, vocoder vocals and a lot me. ?With over 2.7GB of content and 1,492 files (per fmat) and 324 MIDI files f professional producers, this is arguably one of the highest quality urban packs ever released!. Using the colossal content in this product you can create a multitude of styles from modern Hip Hop and Pop to 1980's style Electro Hip Hop, Funk and Nu Jack. With over 2.7 GB of content (per fmat) and 1,492 files you'll be sure to knock out multiple hits in no time. 'Funky Hip Hop Grooves' serves up some of the highest quality urban material ever assembled and, as you've come to expect from Producer Loops' products, wet and dry loops and MIDI files are provided f ultimate flexibility. These kits are phat, fresh-sounding, and raw, combining old skool nostalgia with a funky modern edge in the inimitable style of internationally renowned artist and DJ, Khalid Filali (aka DJ Khalid). About the Producer: DJ Khalid has taken the urban wld by stm over recent years, with numerous appearances alongside famous DJs and international acts, including Kid Koala, DJ Vadim, The Herbaliser, DJ Hype, Coldcut, Gonzales and Amon Tobin. Among his many accolades, DJ Khalid was awarded 8th place in the DMC Wld Championships in London in 2000, and me recently, his track "H-Kayne" is included in the Hollywood movie "Body of Lies" which features Leonardo Dicaprio (2007). Widely regarded as one of the most talented scratchers of his generation, Khalid has produced countless tracks and even commercial campaigns f multi-national giants, including Danone and Coca-Cola. He is currently wking alongside wld-famous New Yk group "De La Soul" on a brand new album scheduled f release in early 2012. DJ Khalid & Supalife Recds: Khalid's latest endeavours include a collabation with Supalife Recds to produce a stunning collection of urban sample packs exclusively f the "Producer Loops" label, so you can expect to see a whole lot me ultra high-quality hip hop grooves in the near future. Key and Tempo Tagging: As with all Producer Loops products, the files in this pack include tempo and key infmation in the filename (as well as embedded within the fmat) so you can see them at a glance. This is very useful f fast integration with your existing projects. About MIDI Files: F producers demanding MIDI loops, we've got you covered! 'Funky Hip Hop Grooves' includes 324 MIDI files (across all kits) that will give you access to the raw musical data, allowing you to assign your favourite drum and synth sounds to them. Release Loops: Certain loops include 'Release' 'Unlooped' versions of the loops, allowing you to end a sustained heavily effected musical phrases with ease. Dry versions are also provided so you can add your own FX, as required. One-Shot Samples: Over 150 outstanding one-shot samples are included (across all five kits) featuring both drum and synth samples, allowing you to create your own sampler patches to use alongside the included musical content. Ranging from drums to pads, basses and lead sounds, you'll find plenty here to augment this stunning set of Construction Kits. Royalty-Free: All the loops and samples in this pack are licensed to you, f use within both personal and commercial compositions at no extra cost, with no exceptions. Fmats: REX2, ACID WAV, MIDI. Buy a premium *** to download file with fast speed Download:
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