The Perspective Of CTF


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9 Mar 2016
The Perspective Of CTF

When a hacker or team struggles with any CTF challenges, they need to passing barriers for upgrading themselves abilities and experiences.

These tiring walkthroughs are could be fix quickly so these will be easier; if a hacker or team wides theirs perspective looks to CTF.

The Next CTF questions are being generally on top of each others, so these questions are basically being primary questions and after a while; they are being more complex.

Firstly, a hacker or team should conditioning with basic questions of CTF. In this example, we will see a basic questions and how we must set our perspective:


As you can see above, we scanned the potentially vulnerable hosts due to analyze. Its good and significant start.


Now, we need to scan that found host "fully" for deciding our perspective. As you can see, there are 2 roads of perpectives...

We need to point and framing our perspectives to FTP and HTTP web server lines. With FTP, we can attack via brute force, we can use exploits or we can use social engineering but social engineering only works with humans. So FTP method is have 2 perspectives. For HTTP, there are more perspectives of we can turn widely. We can open that IP via web browser and we can look; web source code, login credentials, access vulnerables and many others...


We opened that IP and we saw options like said before. In here, we can access that login page via brute forcing or using vulnerabilities like SQL. Lets say you cant jump that barrier, so you can look that page's source code for surfing a potential "hidden keys of flags".

Sometimes, crazy stacks of letters are welcomes to you on HTML web page and if you arent know about how hashes seen like; it is proof of we arent started yet to struggle basic questions of CTF.


And finally, as you understand, that "perspective" term is equals to; your experiences about fixing basic questions, thinking wider and working harder but especially workings of "efficient" workings...


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