Unreal Development Kit 07.2011 Beta

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Unreal Development Kit 07.2011 Beta
Unreal Development Kit 07.2011 Beta | 1.49 GB Company Epic Games, a brand known to all gamers, has introduced a new set of tools for smart igrodelov, filmmakers, designers and anyone interested in 3D computer graphics in the game engine - Unreal Development Kit (UDK), a free version of the famous Unreal Engine 3. Notes the following characteristics UDK, such as: * Direct access to the Unreal Engine 3, one of the most exciting, modern and spectacular 3D engine. * A simple process of creating their own content using the editor, Unreal Editor, a very powerful and functional tool to perform a myriad of operations to create their own play space. This has included tools to create characters and objects of physics, the browser the game data, tools for creating screen savers of the kinematic, the editor of particle physics and simulation of the effects of environment and weather, a unique system of global illumination, etc. * Save time to work due to compatibility with each developer with useful tools like SpeedTree, Bink Video and FaceFX. * The final creative product runs as a standalone application and does not require installing any additional software. Started to distribute games, movies, applications, and visualization can also be completely free of charge - for copyrights with you, no one asks. Major changes: Post-Process Anti-aliasing FXAA and MLAA post-processing methods have been integrated into the engine. Post-process anti-aliasing is supported on DirectX 9 and DirectX 11. Unreal Landscape Improvements Use the new landscape gizmo to copy and paste chunks of terrain. Import and export entire regions. Landscape Landscape gizmos can be arbitrarily positioned, rotated and resized. Landscape Mask Use the brush tool to mask landscape and selectively paste over it. Each Unreal Landscape layer can now be assigned a physical material. The DefaultPhysMaterial property on the actor addresses layers not specifically assigned a physical material. During layer painting, the index of the dominant (most highly weighted) layer is stored in the collision data, and this is used by PhysX to specify the material for each quad. Simplygon Skeletal Mesh Simplification Simplygon can now be used to simplify skeletal meshes the same way it can be used to simplify static geometry in UDK. Generating LODs using Simplygon is also supported. Morph targets are disabled for skeletal mesh LODs that have been simplified. Alternate bone weightings are disabled for skeletal mesh LODs that have been simplified. Simplygon Unreal Console on iOS The Unreal Console is now available for iOS development! Tapping with four fingers will bring it up. Unreal Console Animation Tree Comment Boxes UDK users can now create comment boxes in animation trees. Comment Boxes Additional Improvements Materials can now use the vector transform node in the vertex shader! When re-importing FBX meshes, a new "Replace Vertex Colors" option specifies whether to overwrite colors. Handling of copying, moving and deleting animations between packages has been improved. When searching assets from the Unreal Content Browser, exclude specific tags by typing "-" and then the tag name. When previewing Camera Anims in the editor, it's now possible to specify an animation to play on a viewport pawn. The texture viewer now shows light map and shadow map textures. Morph targets now support parent animation components. Enable the "Update Morph When Parent Anim Component Exists" setting to take advantage of this feature. There is now an option to forcibly remove editor-only data when cooking PCConsole to allow for cases of shipping an exe build with the editor data disabled. PhysX has been upgraded for both PC and iOS development. Animation sequences are no longer automatically recompressed when bAnimRotationOnly is changed on the AnimSet owner. There is now a map check warning for when lighting is built but is not production quality. Normals are now correctly imported from FBX files for off-origin or scaled meshes. The editor console command box is now cleared after a command is executed. Flattened textures are now hidden in Unreal Content Browser but can be shown using a new filter button. An issue of poor performance in the editor when toggling AnimRotationOnly options on AnimSets has been fixed. An issue of poor performance in the editor when reordering levels in the level browser has been fixed. Toggling an Unreal Matinee track's enabled state no longer causes objects to change ********. The static mesh editor now has an option to show an object's pivot point. Normals for static meshes exported from the editor are no longer incorrectly translated and scaled. Animation sequences are no longer automatically recompressed when bAnimRotationOnly is changed on the AnimSet owner. Instead, it's now tracked whether or not there is a disparity between the existence of translations in the compressed animation and the value of bAnimRotationOnly. If there is a difference, a warning message is displayed in the AnimSet viewer and the RAW data is used in the previewer. Checks have been added to the content cooker to prevent a material from being assigned a mobile base texture at cook time if mobile flattening is turned off. Animation preview speed can now be controlled by a slider in the animation tree editor. Minimum System Requirements: * Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista * 2.0 + GHz processor * 2 GB system RAM * SM3-compatible video card * 3 GB Free hard drive space Recommended system requirements: * Windows 7 64-bit * 2.0 + GHz multi-core processor * 8 GB System RAM * NVIDIA 8000 series or higher graphics card * Plenty of HDD space Installation: 1. Run the setup file; 2. Choose a ******** for installation; 3. After installation, run. AnonymZ
 http://www.filesonic.com/file/2720006921/udk201107.part01.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/2720006981/udk201107.part02.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/2720007051/udk201107.part03.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/2720007101/udk201107.part04.rar

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