Update Pack f Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to 6.1.7601.17640/6.1.7601.21771 ENG/FINAL

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Update Pack f Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to 6.1.7601.17640/6.1.7601.21771 ENG/FINAL /templates/new/images/468x60_PPS.gif Updates f Windows 7 Service Pack 1 to 6.1.7601.17640/6.1.7601.21771 (2011/Multi) Update 13 Sep 2011 includes updates and patches from Microsoft f 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 is any revisions. Replaces and adds to previous versions. Last modified: September 13 added update KB2459530-v3, KB2467167-v3, KB2598773, KB2600100, KB2600907, KB2607712; removed update KB2467167, KB2519400, KB2524375, KB2531385, KB2545756-v2, KB2554766, KB2567680, KB2577795, KB2578159, KB2582284-v2. List of recent added obnoleny: KB947821-v14: System Update Readiness Tool (Windows-CheckSUR) 6.1.7601.21787 KB969744-v2: ntprint.inf 6.1.7601.21769 KB981156-v2: Windows-TerminalServices-RDP-WinStationDriver 6.1.7601.21772 KB982861: Internet Expler 9.0 9.4.8112.16434 KB983234-v3: Windows-MSVBVM60 6.1.7601.21709 (vb6.0 sp6 9831) KB2443643: Windows Presentation Foundation WPF-System.Speech 6.1.7601.21708 (NDP 3.0 sp2 30729.5675) KB2459530-v3: Windows-TCPIP-Binaries 6.1.7601.21789 KB2461631: Windows-PerfCenterCPL 6.1.7601.17527/6.1.7601.21624 KB2467167-v3: Windows-ExplerFrame 6.1.7601.17658/6.1.7601.21779 KB2469100-v3: Tcpip.sys 6.1.7601.21734 KB2476490: Windows-OLE-Automation 6.1.7601.17567/6.1.7601.21669 KB2477042: USB RNDIS 6.1.7601.21731 KB2492765: Windows-TerminalServices-LocalSessionManager 6.1.7601.21732 KB2493006: Windows-Time-Service 6.1.7601.21702 KB2493989 Windows-Microcode Update-GenuineIntel 6.1.7601.17558/6.1.7601.21658 KB2500511: Mountmgr 6.1.7601.21698 KB2503351: Microsoft.identitymodel.dll 6.1.7601.21651 KB2503665: Windows-TCPIP 6.1.7601.17603/6.1.7601.21712 KB2503820: Windows-IIS-WebDAVBinaries 6.1.7601.21782 NDP40-KB2504602: NDP 4.0 30319.449 KB2512715: Failoverclusters.Validation.Wizard.dll 6.1.7601.21690 KB2514642-v2: Windows-Installer-Service 6.1.7601.21692 KB2518869:. NET Framewk 6.1.7601.17587/6.1.7601.21693 (NDP 2.0 sp2 50727.5662) KB2519400-v3: Windows-BootEnvironment 6.1.7601.21675 KB2520487-v2: Windows-DIMS 6.1.7601.21718 KB2521923: Windows-SmartCardSubsystemClient 6.1.7601.21772 KB2522743-v2: MSTSC.exe 6.1.7601.21687 KB2522761: Shell32.dll 6.1.7601.17586/6.1.7601.21692 KB2522762: RemoteApp 6.1.7601.17514/6.1.7601.21732 KB2522766: mpio.inf 6.1.7601.17619/6.1.7601.21731 KB2523881-v3: Tcpip.sys 6.1.7601.21724 KB2523887: Cscsvc.dll 6.1.7601.21731 (only x64) KB2524249-v2: 1394.inf 6.1.7601.21772 KB2524478: Windows-NlaSvc 6.1.7601.21696 KB2524977: Windows-TCPIP-Platfm-Libraries 6.1.7601.21728 KB2526455: Ntdsai.dll 6.1.7601.21725 KB2526870: Windows-GroupPolicy-PolicyMaker 6.1.7601.21725 KB2526946: Kerberos.dll 6.1.7601.17614/6.1.7601.21725 KB2527496-v2:. NET Framewk System.Data 6.1.7601.21793 KB2528357-v2: Windows-StPt 6.1.7601.17610/6.1.7601.21720 KB2528614: Windows-SMBServer-v2 6.1.7601.21757 KB2529073: usb.inf 6.1.7601.17586/6.1.7601.21692 KB2529781: Windows-PerfmanceToolsCommandLine 6.1.7601.17643/6.1.7601.21759 KB2529825: Windows-MFReadWrite 6.1.7601.17596/6.1.7601.21705 KB2529956: Windows-NDIS 6.1.7601.17598/6.1.7601.21707 KB2530185: Cimwin32.dll 6.1.7601.21696 KB2531907: Windows-Failoverclusters 6.1.7601.17514/6.1.7601.21710 KB2531912: Windows-SmartCard 6.1.7601.21751 KB2532153: Windows-NTFS 6.1.7601.21730 KB2532159: NFS 6.1.7601.21726 KB2532531: bth.inf 6.1.7601.17607/6.1.7601.21716 KB2533552: Windows-ServicingStack 6.1.7601.17592 KB2533544: Windows-TCPIP 6.1.7601.21732 KB2535133: Windows-IPv4IPv6CoexistenceMigration 6.1.7601.21728 KB2535158: Windows-Fax-Common 6.1.7601.21705 KB2536275: Windows-SMBServer 6.1.7601.17608/6.1.7601.21717 KB2536276-v2: Windows-SMB 6.1.7601.17647/6.1.7601.21767 KB2536840: Windows-TerminalServices 6.1.7601.21732 KB2536875: iscsi.inf 6.1.7601.21734 KB2537203: Windows-ehome-ehres 6.1.7601.17595/6.1.7601.21704 KB2537549: Windows-Printing-Spooler-Ppc 6.1.7601.21730 KB2537556: Windows-GroupPolicy-CSE-SoftwareInstallation 6.1.7601.21704 KB2537589: Dfsc.sys 6.1.7601.21747 KB2538047: Winmm.dll 6.1.7601.21718 KB2539635:. NET Framewk 6.1.7601.17611/6.1.7601.21721 NDP40-KB2539636: System.dll 4.0.30319.236/4.0.30319.463 KB2540175: Windows-IMAPIv2 6.1.7601.21714 KB2541014: Windows-Diskdump 6.1.7601.17601/6.1.7601.21710 KB2541119: Windows-COM-Base-QFE-OLE32 6.1.7601.21721 KB2542200: Windows-Printing-Spooler-Client 6.1.7601.21727 KB2545561: COM + 6.1.7601.21717 KB2545627: Windows-Ntdll 6.1.7601.21732 KB2545698: Windows-Font-TrueType 6.1.7601.17621/6.1.7601.21733 KB2545833: Windows-cryptdll-dll 6.1.7601.21732 KB2545850: Windows-LSA 6.1.7601.21728 KB2546548: Windows-EventLog 6.1.7601.21772 KB2546596:. NET Framewk 6.1.7601.21735 (NDP 2.0 sp2 50727.5674) KB2546651: Windows-Printing-Spooler-Ce-Localspl 6.1.7601.21732 KB2546706: Windows-HAL 6.1.7601.17614/6.1.7601.21725 KB2546868: Microsoft.MediaCenter.Bml 6.1.7601.17620/6.1.7601.21732 KB2547244: Windows-WmiPerf 6.1.7601.21731 KB2547666: WindowsSearchEngine 6.1.7601.17610/6.1.7601.21720 KB2547752: Windows-Authentication-AuthUI 6.1.7601.21721 KB2548120: Miguicontrols.dll 6.1.7601.21725 KB2548124: volume.inf 6.1.7601.21728 KB2548388: Narrat 6.1.7601.17619/6.1.7601.21731 KB2548538: Sbmgr.dll 6.1.7601.21732 KB2549016: Windows-Component-XpsGdiConverter 6.1.7601.21725 KB2549036: Windows-RDBSS 6.1.7601.21732 KB2549067: Windows-BWContextHandler 6.1.7601.21731 KB2549079: MiguiControls 6.1.7601.21770 KB2549311-v2: Windows-DFSClient 6.1.7601.21759 KB2549567: mpio.inf 6.1.7601.21758 KB2549661-v2: Windows-RPC-HTTP 6.1.7601.17514/6.1.7601.21735 KB2549724: Windows-SMBMiniRdr 6.1.7601.21771 KB2550569: Hvboot.sys 6.1.7601.21726 KB2550581: Windows-SMB20-MiniRdr 6.1.7601.21771 KB2550648-v2: Windows-International 6.1.7601.17621/6.1.7601.21734 KB2550766: Windows-IIS-FTPSvc 6.1.7601.21740 KB2550944-v2: Windows-GroupPolicy-Base 6.1.7601.21734 KB2551090-v2: Microsoft.Web.Management 6.1.7601.21755 KB2551127: Windows-LDDMCe 6.1.7601.21730 KB2551503: Gpprefcl.dll 6.1.7601.21759 KB2551687: Windows-IIS-ISAPIExtensionsBinaries 6.1.7601.21771 KB2552343: Windows-CeUserModePnp 6.1.7601.17621/6.1.7601.21733 KB2554231: Windows-WMP-MediaDeliveryEngine 6.1.7601.17620/6.1.7601.21732 KB2554746: Windows-msmq-queuemanager-ce 6.1.7601.21766 KB2554859: Tcpipcfg.dll 6.1.7601.21732 KB2554876-v2: Windows-Mail-Comm-DLL 6.1.7601.17621/6.1.7601.21734 KB2555428: Windows-ReadyBoostDriver 6.1.7601.17620/6.1.7601.21732 KB2556532: Windows-OS-Kernel 6.1.7601.17640/6.1.7601.21755 KB2555917: Windows-Win32k 6.1.7601.17630/6.1.7601.21744 KB2555958: Windows-SNMP-Agent-Service 6.1.7601.21732 KB2558990: Windows-Authentication-AuthUI 6.1.7601.21759 KB2559049: Windows-IE 9.4.8112.16434/9.4.8112.20534 KB2560088: Windows-shell32 6.1.7601.17651/6.1.7601.21772 KB2560289: Windows-IIS-StaticContentBinaries 6.1.7601.21735 KB2560452: Windows-SMB10-MiniRdr 6.1.7601.21782 KB2560656: Windows-Microsoft-Data-Access-Components-(MDAC) 6.1.7601.17632/6.1.7601.21747 KB2561285: Windows-GroupPolicy-PolicyMaker 6.1.7601.21771 KB2561708: Windows-OfflineFiles-Ce 6.1.7601.21772 KB2561821-v2: Windows-BootEnvironment-Ce-BootManager-EFI 6.1.7601.17630/6.1.7601.21744 (only x64) KB2562433: Windows-WMI-Win32-Provider-Cimwin32-dll 6.1.7601.21770 KB2562672: Windows-Winlogon 6.1.7601.21756 KB2562937: Windows-ActiveXCompat 8.0.7601.17634/8.0.7601.21749 KB2563214: Windows-WebDAVRedir-WebClient 6.1.7601.21771 KB2563227: Windows-XmlLite 6.1.7601.17633/6.1.7601.21748 KB2563399: Windows-RemoteRegistry-Service 6.1.7601.21771 KB2563894: Windows-TCPIP-Binaries 6.1.7601.17638/6.1.7601.21754 KB2563953: Windows-NFS-ClientCe 6.1.7601.21756 KB2566059: Windows-Security-Kerberos 6.1.7601.21762 KB2566191: Windows-LDDMCe 6.1.7601.21774 KB2566205: Windows-OS-Kernel 6.1.7601.21771 KB2566314: Windows-IIS-ADSICompatibility 6.1.7601.21747 KB2566584: Windows-UDFS 6.1.7601.17647/6.1.7601.21767 KB2566592: Windows-ExtensibleStageEngine-ISAM 6.1.7601.21771 KB2566651: Windows Presentation Foundation WPF 6.1.7601.21776 (NDP 3.0 sp2 30729.5700) KB2568041: Windows-AppID 6.1.7601.21772 KB2569389:. NET Framewk 6.1.7601.21781 KB2569601: Windows-SystemReste-Main 6.1.7601.17646/6.1.7601.21765 KB2570791: Windows-International-TimeZones 6.1.7601.17647/6.1.7601.21767 (only x64) KB2571011: Windows-TabletPC-SoftKeyboard 6.1.7601.21770 KB2574501: Windows-Component-XpsGdiConverter 6.1.7601.21768 KB2575077: Windows-FilterManager-Ce 6.1.7601.21767 KB2575946: Windows-TerminalServices-SessionEnvService 6.1.7601.21772 KB2577550: Windows-SmartCardKsp 6.1.7601.21770 KB2577968: Windows-DynamicVolumeManager 6.1.7601.21764 KB2578214: Windows-version 6.1.7601.17647/6.1.7601.21767 KB2578963: Windows-CertificationAuthityClient 6.1.7601.21770 KB2579362: Windows-RDBSS 6.1.7601.21772 KB2579381: Windows-TerminalServices 6.1.7601.21778 KB2579729: Windows-Netwk-Security 6.1.7601.21774 KB2580119: Windows-Security-Netlogon 6.1.7601.21772 KB2580346: Windows-TerminalServices 6.1.7601.21772 KB2580442: Windows-MediaFoundation 6.1.7601.21769 KB2581359-v2: Windows-Advapi32 6.1.7601.21773 KB2581464: usbst.inf 6.1.7601.17650/6.1.7601.21771 KB2581582: Windows-Win32k 6.1.7601.21774 KB2582112: Windows-UserModePowerService 6.1.7601.21778 KB2582260: Windows-Winsock-Ce 6.1.7601.21772 KB2582679: Windows-COM-DTC 6.1.7601.21772 KB2583244: Windows-Ntdll 6.1.7601.21772 KB2588507: Windows-UserModeNSI 6.1.7601.21784 (only x64) KB2590443: Windows-OS-Kernel 6.1.7601.21783 (only x64) NDP40-KB2593745: NDP 4.0 30319.503 KB2598773:. NET Framewk 6.1.7601.21805 (NDP 2.0 sp2 50727.5692) KB2600100:. NET Framewk 6.1.7601.21805 (NDP 2.0 sp2 50727.5692) KB2600907: Windows Communication Foundation WCF 6.1.7601.21796 (NetFX 3.0 sp2 30729.5724) KB2607712: Windows-CAPI2-certs 6.1.7601.17684/6.1.7601.21810 About the need to install (from Microsoft): WARNING! F the data crection was not carried out a full test. Therefe, they are f systems computers, which occurred in the specific errs, described in one me Knowledge Base articles, Microsoft. Numbers of articles listed in the hand. These crections may receive additional testing. Thus, if the data is crect have caused any problems with compatibility installation err, just do not bring much inconvenience to these problems, we recommend to postpone their decision and wait f the next service pack releases. The new service pack will contain a fully-tested versions of these patches. Befe installing the patch database If you decide to install these patches, please note the following infmation: ? Do not deploy patches in a production environment without first checking their wk. ? Befe installing the back up system computer which will install patches. Imptantly ? Crections made to solve specific problems. ? Use crect only f systems that are experiencing these problems. ? Installing the wrong patches might damage your system. ? If you are not sure that fixes are suitable to your system, do not install them. ? Fixes included in future service packs, which is safer to just install via Microsoft Update. What to do everything that is good? In the general sense of this. We have 2 folders and StafceBonus.exe. The easiest option (easy level f beginners, like) is to launch StafceBonus.exe. Then there is in Russian and nothing complicated, just a button "yes" to press. Do you think it's too easy f you, you can go to the folder that cresponds to your bit of (these folders are located in each of the numbered folders, such as: "x64" - 64-bit systems and "x86" - 32-bit systems ( See your system's capacity can press the Start button, right-click on the "computer", "properties" and look in the "Type of :")). In a lot of files folder fm "Windows6.1-KB ??????- x??. Msu". You can set each of them separately. find the file "Update.exe" and run it. He's English, but everything is simple, you press 1 and Enter. If that was not enough f you it's too easy f you ( you need the maximum effect of the distribution) find the file "Installer F Windows Updates.cmd". Here again, all in English, if you feel that you have sufficient knowledge of language in general and in the subject line, read, everything is written. If not, then do not bother, press "C" and Enter. Enabling | reg code: not required Language: Multi File fmat:. Rar Platfm / OS: Windows 7 System requirements: * 1 gigahertz (GHz) faster 32-bit process * 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM * 16 GB of free hard disk space * Suppt f DirectX 9 interface with the driver WDDM, At least 128 MB of graphics memy Download Links:- Filesonic.com

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