Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit Lite-IK

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Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit Lite-IK
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 32-bit Lite It's bootable image based on en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_677460.iso This Windows is updateable through Windows Update (language packs cannot be installed). There is no any software or updates added except newer Internet Explorer 9. Windows 7 is not activated (you can use your own key or favourite method of activation). Some tools used: dism, gimagex, vLite, RT7lite, W7T etc. (many thanks to their autors) Some features left are: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows Media Player (with default codecs) Internet Explorer 9 (Google is default search engine and home page) Windows Mail (working) Windows Fax and Scan Windows Defender (on by default) WinSAT (Windows Experience Index tool) all components needed for mobile computers Gadgets (CPU/RAM usage, time, calendar) Games (no premium games) .NET Framework 3.5.1 Windows Update and Security Center A lot of stuff is removed to reduce the size of the image (fits on single CD). Some tweaks are applied: ------------------------ Allow 3rd Party Themes Allow Windows Live Movie to import from network Always Unload DLL Disable Group Policy Synchronise Disable Hibernation Disable Search Online on Unknown File Extensions Disable Shortcut Link Resolve Disable Thumbnail Cache Disable Windows Error Reporting Double Mouse Speed Enable Boot Defrag Enable DVD in Media Player Enable MSI Service in Safe Mode Faster Browsing in IE Increase Icon Cache Kill Services Quicker on Shutdown Open NFO files with notepad Remove 'HomeGroup' from Explorer Remove 'Libraries' from Explorer Remove 'Music' from Start Menu Remove 'Pictures' from Start Menu Remove Shortcut Suffix Remove 'Videos' from Start Menu Remove Windows Mail Splash Restore Previous Folder at Logon Show 'Computer' on Desktop Show Hidden Files/Folders Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads Some services startup is modified as well (see screenshots). Note that almost all the drivers are removed and you should have your computer drivers ready before installation (at least drivers needed for network devices). Drivers left: ------------- Basic system drivers Sound drivers LAN/WLAN drivers Some removed features: ---------------------- Accessibility BitLocker PowerShell Windows Help asian languages and fonts (MS Office 2010 installs without errors) Some rarely used fonts Speech engine Tablet features IIS Remote Desktop and Assistance Sync Center Windows Sounds, themes (aero presents) Windows Easy Transfer If you are regular user you will not notice any difference using my lite version compared to full-featured Windows 7. I spent more than 200 hours in process of manipulation wim images and testing them. Finally I finished my task (a reliable image with CD size and maximum number of features left) and can share with you what I've done. Now I'm pretty happy using and sharing my built-up Windows 7. An autoattended.xml file is inserted in the image to automate the installation (Language: EN, name: Administrator, PC name: IK-PC, time: UTC+3h. All can be changed after setup). You need only to point a partition for installation and in 5-10 min Windows should be installed. or or All links are interchangable No Mirror below, Please!
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