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Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition 2010 [2xCD]

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15-04-2011 01:08
Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition 2010 [2xCD]
Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition 2010 [2xCD]

Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition 2010 [2xCD] | 1.36 GB

Ubuntu - a distribution of Linux, based on Debian, renowned for its reliability, careful decisions functioned well and a huge selection of software.

Ubuntu - this is a relatively new distribution, but it has already surpassed its progenitor in popularity because of its simplicity and extraordinary user-friendliness.

Ubuntu is perfect for all types of computers - for notebooks, desktop PCs or servers. Will you use it at home, at school (institution) or at work, in Ubuntu there are any programs that you will ever need - from word processing and Internet applications to software powerful network servers and a wide variety of tools for programming .

Ubuntu is completely free. You can download it, use alone or together with your friends and family, at school or in business; can burn it to disc and distribute - all this is totally legal and free.

Community launches new desktop and server Ubuntu releases every six months. This means that you will always have the latest versions of applications that only "the world of open source can offer.

Complete base set of programs that are on the same installation CD-ROM provides you with a complete working environment. Huge selection of additional software is available online, via the Internet. All right you can easily find a large quantity of mirrors that are scattered around the world. In Ubuntu, for this purpose includes special tools that make the whole process of searching for programs to download and install just a couple of mouse clicks.

If the operating system detects that to perform a task, it lacks the individual modules (such as a video codec to watch a movie), she will ask your permission to download the missing. Obtain your consent, Ubuntu quickly finds herself the right, download it, install, and will continue to work.

Graphical installer enables you to install Ubuntu Linux quickly and easily. Standard installation usually takes less than 25 minutes.

In this case, Ubuntu gets along well with other operating systems such as Windows, on the same computer. Graphical bootloader GRUB (default) or LILO will correctly detect operating system installed, and when the computer starts you will see a list of operating systems, from which you can download any of your choice.


Record requested (32bit or 64bit) image on the dvd-drive, boot from the disk on the menu you can choose either to install or just download from the disc to view the system without installation.
When installing choose Russian language. If necessary, after installation you hit a full Russian localization, and proposed updates

Operating System: Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Edition

Processor: 1 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Video Card: Graphics card capable of 1024x768 resolution
Free space on HDD: 8 GB

Download hoot009_U101.part2.rar for free on Filesonic.com
Download hoot009_U101.part3.rar for free on Filesonic.com


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