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International Intelligence Team

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Do You Want To Join Intelligence Team?

Hello dear TurkHackTeam members, we are looking for teammates to work with in the Intelligence Team. Yoı will learn the duties and responsibilities of the Intelligence Team after joining the Team. Friends who want to join the Team should read carefully below.

1. A member who is eligible to join the Intelligence Team will be removed from the forum if he/she resigns his post unless there are serious situations. In short, we don’t want reasons like my job is interfering, I have an exam in two days. These aren’t problems that arise so soon. Please think carefully while applying.

2. The member who is found to have submitted a fake application will be removed from the forum.

3. Our members whose daily activity time on forum is less than 1 hour, please don’t apply. You must have at least 1 hour of activity to perform your routine tasks.

4. After joining the Team, members who are eligible to join the Intelligence Team will be asked for detailed information.

5. Perseverance, responsibility and morality are the basic criteria we expect from members of the Intelligence Team.

6. The hierarchy information of the applicants will be checked. The slightest disrespect for experienced Intelligence Team Managers can’t be tolerated.

If you are applying, you will read and accept all this I have written. If you break one of these rules after applying, we won’t accept responsibility.

Intelligence Team Assistant recruitment will be four stages.

1. Pre-application
2. Interview
3. Test Phase
4. Video Interview

1. Pre-Application
Fill out the application form below correctly and completely and send it to the [email protected] this e-mail address. In the applications, we will look at your communication and style with people, your knowledge of the hierarchy and whether you have mastered the rules in the forum. If you meet these criteria, you will be invited for interviews.

Application Form

1-) THT Username (If you have):
2-)THT Profile Link(If any):
3-)Your Name:
5-)The city where you live:
6-)Education Status:
7-)Phone Number:
8-)Why do you want to be in the Intelligence Team?:
9-)Your Ares of Expertise (If you have):
10-)Your Daily Online Time:
11-)Describe Yourself:
12-)Platforms you previously served on(if any):
13-)Reference (If you have):
2. Interview
Candidates who successfully passed the pre-application step will receive a interview invitation via e-mail if a positive result is obtained after security research conducted by Intelligence Team managers.

3. Test Phase
Candidates who have successfully passed the interview stage will be taken to the test group via telegram. Intelligence Team managers will run the test.

4. Video Interview
Candidates who have successfully passed the Test Stage will be interviewed by the Intelligence Team Leader or the Intelligence Team Leader Assistant. In this interview, your image and sound quality should be of ideal quality. The interview will be conducted via “Skype”.

Applications will be sent to the [email protected].
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