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What is Alexa?

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09-05-2020 06:03

What is Alexa?
Alexa is an internet company with web analytics and seo tools owned by amazon, which is based in the United States.
It is an organization that analyzes and sorts all websites on the Internet according to its criteria.
As a result of these analyses, it is a system that measures the degree of websites on both the world and the country in which it is located.
Alexa was founded in 1996, so the database is quite extensive. So alexa is used a lot when you are asked to learn about any website.

How Does Alexa Get Information About Websites?
When measuring, Alexa bases the movements of people entering the website and makes a measurement accordingly.
We said Alexa would sort by criteria, for example, one of these criteria is this; Alexa looks at whether a person entered the website through search engines or entered the website by typing the address.
Alexa collects information about websites with data from Browser plug-ins the most.

How do I Look at Alexa Rankings?
Alexa also has the most hit websites in the form of world and country rankings at the address below.

What is Alexa Toolbar?
With Alexa Toolbar, you can track your website's visitor performance and review the analysis of the websites you visit.
You can search many search engines, including Google, with the search box in Toolbar.
You can see the Google PR and Alexa values of the websites.You can see the backlinks they receive from the websites and review the details.You can see which websites the people who come to the website you are visiting are visiting later.
You can use the link below to download Alexa toolbar.

How do I Reduce My Website in alexa rankings?
I've listed you below how you can reduce your Alexa ranking. In addition, your website's hit, page impressions, and visitor's stay time on the website will also decrease your alexa ranking.

1)Download and install the Alexa toolbar:Alexa usually draws the data needed to sort the websites from this toolbar. That's why you need to download this Toolbar and install it in your browser.

2) Install an Alexa Widget on your website:Alexa Widget is another tool that Alexa uses to pull data. With this widget, which you can add to a suitable field on your website, you can send data to Alexa and get your website to top-ranked Alexa. You can download the Alexa Widget from the link below.

3) Register Alexa : When you enter your website's page in Alexa, you will see "Is this your website?" at the top right. Register by clicking on the link next to this post and confirm that the site belongs to you.

4) Positive comments on your website in Alexa : Members should write positive comments on the page of your website in Alexa.

5) Reduce your website's load time : Fast-opened websites are important for SEO as well as in terms of rising in Alexa. Optimizing your website and reducing load time will also increase your Alexa ranking.

Translator : @megat
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