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What is C# ?

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09-05-2020 06:08
Hello Friends,
In the first subject, I have prepared you a little guide and S.S.S topic about C#. Lessons are available in the forum and other platforms. The purpose of the topic is to investigate the intricacies of the C# language, which it first referred to, to people who have just started cybersecurity or software.

What is C# ?

C# Is a programming language for the object that Microsoft has developed. So what is object-oriented programming?

Programming for the object classifies the codes you type and if you call it in that classification format,
You're programming.

So what does the .NET Plartform you see in the C# Articles mean?

It would be much more accurate to answer this question from Microsoft's mouth.

"The .NET Framework is a complete application development platform developed by Microsoft, built on open internet protocols and standards.
The scope of the concept of application here is very wide. From a desktop app to a
Everything from web browser application to web browser application is thought and supported within this platform. These applications are developed with each other and the environment in which they are developed with all applications in the world
easy web services to be created for communication. This platform is
portable at a higher level than system and hardware."

Where is C# Used?

with C#

Console Applications.
Windows form applications.
web form application
It's a great language that you can use in Mobile Programming and web services. Thanks to the object being intended, the other
may get a much faster and error-free result than languages.

How can I learn C#?

On the other hand, the only place where you can learn C# alone, friends, is Udemy.

I recommend that you take the free C# course offered by the Udemy tutorial, which I will share below. It's a really useful lesson.

When you finish the lessons, you can't say you know it completely.If you are going to learn a programming language ,you need to write something constantly.
There's no such thing as learning programming languages completely.
these topics are very, very deep topics. Sometimes even people who know well might not know.
As a result, if you try very hard, you'll be very successful.
If we're going to learn from Udemy, why is there such a topic?
So when I started it,I had a lot of questions in my mind.

For example, if you want to A man wants to know C#, but he doesn't know which compiler to use. That's what we're going to talk about.
Training videos are available in many places.
Someone wants to know C# But he doesn't know which compiler to use. That's what we're going to talk about.
education videos are available in many places.

Now, as most of you know, we write C# languages using Visual Studio. (It is recommended that you download Enterprise.)

Visual Studio instantly notifies you where you make mistakes and you can correct it before you finish that line.
It also shows you the errors you make and allows you to correct the errors you make with the "debug" feature.
(I can prepare a detailed user manual for Visual Studio if you wish.)

1- What is Variable? : Variables are the names you give to the codes you type, friends. When you call these codes, you're going to
You call it by name. Example;

Shows with a red arrow are the type of variable. (Int= Our numeric variable) Variable shown with green arrow
The name we assign to the variable type. For example, int a=19
The variable "a" means 19.

2-What is the Operator? : +-/* they are operators. (If you search for more operators from the existing Internet, you can find a list.)
Operators don't mean anything on their own. In variables, operators can be used as in this example.

As you can see in the picture, we used the "+" operator to collect variables "a"and "b". This is the simplest example I've already shared
the necessary details are mentioned in the class.

3-IF and ELSE : Friends these are condition statements. Already in our video, our teacher told us, for example , "Ahmet's 2 notes to collect the total
If it's over 50, if it's under 50, I can describe Ahmet as simple as "print the remains on the screen."

4-For Cycle: As our teacher mentioned, we use the for cycle to repeat a variable as much as we wish. (you must press "TAB" twice after you type "for")

I want to end this here. You can ask what you want to ask about this language and course.

Translator : @megat
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