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What is CSS?

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09-05-2020 06:18
Hello TurkHackTeam Family
What is CSS? What are the benefits? I'm going to tell you about it today.


CSS is known as a great coding system that helps your website look more aesthetically and more aesthetically than a visual perspective. Reshaping all the visual flours within your website with the help of CSS gives you more space for movement.

What is CSS?

"Cascading Style Sheets" CSS; is defined as "Cascading Style Sheet" in our language. CSS is known as a coding system that helps visualize and implement editing as you wish in the size of web projects.

There are code directories that make up the infrastructure of websites. Many elements on the site with the code directories in question; ad promotion areas are used to create the basic structure of title, subtitle, and all content. However, the elements involved are; Details of font, color, visual elements can be edited much more easily with CSS codes.

How DID CSS Develop?

The first version of CSS was launched in 1996. The first version, known as CSS 1.0, is being developed over time and more functional. Css 2.0 emerged in 1998 after the first release. Css 3.0 is available in 2001 after the 1998 release of 2.0. CsS 3.0 is currently in use and the version in question is still being developed. On the other hand, CSS 3.0 comes to the fore with browser support CSS 3.0 works in line with many browsers that are popular all over the world today. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer are among the browsers that are compatible with CSS 3.0.

The most important feature of CSS is that it is the feature of CSS; If you want to be in pieces, if you want to be able to interfere with your webpage pages as a whole. But this is a very fundamental feature, other than that;

If you host your CSS codes in a different file, changes can be made across a single file on the entire site,
From a visual perspective; you can interfere with many elements such as transition, effect, font, point, tints,
You can position objects on your Web page any way you want from a single ********,
Websites; you can easily interfere with responsivite problems such as mobile phone, tablet, desktop,
You can easily perform web site sizings.
Another element that makes CSS popular, apart from the basic features listed, is that it will be used to make CSS popular; it is a coding language that can be easily learned. It is possible to find free trainings and videos given on numerous CSS on the Internet.

Add CSS to wordpress system
3 different ways to add and edit CSS into the WordPress system may be preferred;

CSS plugins for WordPress
WordPress system theme editor
Child themes prepared for WordPress theme

CSS plugins for WordPress
With WordPress CSS plug-ins, CSS work can be easily done. All you need to do is adapt the recommended eclectic attachment to your system through WordPress plug-ins. Popular CSSs plugins; With Simple Custom CSS, WP Add Custom CSS, Site Origin CSS and Simple Custom CSS and JS, you can easily work css.

Theme editor within WordPress system
If you have a version above 4.7 of WordPress; You can easily edit CSS through the theme editor. Simply select the customize menu through the theme settings. When you come to the Customization page, you can easily edit it by opening the Additional CSS tab at the bottom of the moment.

Child themes prepared for WordPress theme
Both sorted methods live on your WordPress system, which refers to the CSS change you can make. However, if you don't want to take risks, you can create the Child theme for your WordPress theme of these CSS changes, and you can do the work it's done on it without interfering with the site on the publication.

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