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What is your blog?

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09-05-2020 06:22
What is your blog? I'm going to tell you about it today.

Blogs that can connect you with you on a personal level by addressing you, your attention and your feelings are called personal blogs.

While most people think personal blogs are a kind of diary, it's still what makes personal blogs different; the address language and writing of the blog owner is a reflection of the way of life and personality.

So it's no surprise that personal blogs can feel good when reading and be attractive enough to take a cup of tea or a cup of coffee to read new articles.

Does Opening a Personal Blog Make You Money?

Developing a personal block requires time, effort and knowledge, just like other blog types. Personal blogs can be written for fun or written with the goal of making money.

If you want to get hearty answers on how to do this, reading this article can help you take action to open a personal blog and take solid steps on this topic.

If you want your block to generate revenue as a full-time job has provided, you should know that you won't be able to do it without making plans or effort.

The success of your personal block; It depends on the time and effort you spend for him.

You should consider each of the following recommendations, do your best by pretending to be a business owner, and focus on growing your blog like a CEO.

If you're opening a personal blog thinking about your budget, you should research what your audience wants to read with interest to identify the issues your blog will focus on and definitely create a content calendar.

Choosing your target audience as large businesses instead of individuals means that your bloc has the potential to make more money because they have more funds.

You should find attractive titles, amazing content, and topics. You can learn what is much-loved and much sought-after topics using SEO tools, Google Trends and Pinterest.

It's important not only to have good ideas and strong words, but also to create the best content ever published on your preferred topic.

You should prepare well-researched, truth-based persuasive, qualified content that answers your readers' questions and offers solutions to their problems, and use keywords with high volume of search.

If your top 5 keywords have at least 5,000 calls per month, the topic you choose for your block is a demanding topic.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money.

Affiliate marketing means a partnership and requires you to offer your audience a product or service in accordance with your agreement with a brand.

Affiliate marketing, which allows you to click on your connection and receive commissions from each person who makes the purchase, is a marketing strategy used by even very popular brands.

To get ad revenue, you can start receiving ad promotion in your block with Google Adsense. So you'll get a certain fee each time these ad promotions click by visitors.

It is also possible to make money using your block to consult in an area you are an expert in.

To do this, you should initially publish 5 highly qualified content (you can get guest writers who are experts in it), you should find the email addresses of people who are eligible for your audience. With the introduction of LinkedIn, you can create an expert network, but your email shipments should look modern and professional, so you can use ConvertKit and OptinMonster.

When you type a new blog post, you should announce it from your social networking accounts. In addition, when applying to companies for sponsor agreements, you can advertise your site; you need to influence your traffic statistics and the number of social network followers.

With your block, you can create a freelance business area where you can digitally sell your skills, such as writing, designing, photography, programming. To do this, you must definitely add a contact form to your block.

You can also make money by writing paid reviews on your site, such as sponsored publications. You can get payments from the companies you agree with by trying and preparing a review paper as your audience distributes the products that you will be interested in for free.

You can start selling your own products by uploading a quick online sales theme to your personal blog.

You can create paid online courses where you can teach your skills and specializations you master in your block.

Don't underestimate the power of creating an email list to get more traffic on your site and start building your subscribers as soon as possible!

Open your personal blog in the hope of making money; requires focusing on SEO (search engine optimization) efforts to attract organic traffic.

You can use seo plug-ins, research and take steps towards SEO, or get help from an SEO expert.

You can create attractive articles that are likely to be shared on social media and create infographics.

You should also meet and interact with your audience. Understanding them correctly and making effective arrangements accordingly will rapidly improve your block.

Paying attention to these criteria will eventually lead to a successful block of content that people will be proud of, answering their questions or helping them meet their needs.

And of course, your goodwill will not be unrequited in the internet world!

Your articles, which are starting to climb to the top of search engines; You will remember these lines and thank THT when it allows you to work from home, but meet your needs and pay your bills, or even make savings...

Translator : @megat
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