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What is TrustRank? How to upgrade TrustRank?

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01-06-2020 15:56
What is Trustrank?

The word TrustRank means "Ranking of Trust" in Turkish.
Trustrank is equivalent to the value of PageRank used in Google on Yahoo.
For example, the higher the trust value of a website, the more traffic it receives to your site. At the same time, your site is given the title of the site trusted by visitors or search engines. Your site will be marked as a reliable site.
TrustRank value should be kept as high as possible.

How to Icrease Trustrank Value?

I will explain how you can increase the TrustRank value of your site;

1- Make sure your site has an SSL certificate.

2- Make sure that the SEO settings of the site are in the most appropriate way.

3- Having your domain name active for a long time increases the TrustRank value. If your domain name will remain active for at least 5-6 years, it will increase its TrustRank value more.

4- Make the link entry-exit from quality sites on your site. Every site you log in or out of link increases and affects TrustRank value.

5- Make sure that the content on your site is original. Try to support your articles with visuals. Cited content is a reason for your TrustRank value to drop.

6- If visitors to your site comment on the content on your site, TrustRank value increases. So encourage visitors or members to comment on the content.

7- The more active your visitors on your site, the more your site's TrustRank increases.

8- Try to give Backlink to quality sites with large domain age.

As I mentioned, having an SEO and SSL certificate on your site increases the TrustRank value. In order to see the SEO analysis of your site and eliminate the deficiencies, you can increase your SEO score by going to the following topic, learning how to extract the SEO analysis of your site and following the instructions;

do SEO analysis

NOTE: There is no tool that most accurately calculates or measures TrustRank value. If you follow the instructions above, there will be an increase in TrustRank value of your site.

Translator: @Tommy Angelo
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