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How Do I Become A Programmer?

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06-07-2020 03:11
If you want to be a programmer, Read This First

Yes, many of you are asking me questions such as how to write a program and how to be a programmer.
First of all, I will tell you how to be a programmer as well as 1-2 tips. Yes, the best advantages of being a programmer is the pleasure of creating that program.
You write a program and you love it. Useful or Useless doesn’t matter.
I’m sure many of you are wondering how the programs you download are encoded.
The answer to all is hidden in one thing. You need to know English well. If you look at the codes when you code the program, they are all in English.
Many programming languages are ready in English. If your English is good, you will come to really good places.
Writing a program is enthusiastic. But sometimes it can be really boring. It’s hard to memorize codes.
Keeping code in your mind etc. Now I’ll give you 1-2 tips. Friends,one of the best ways to be a good programmer is loneliness.
Make sure it’s easier to write programs hen you are not stressed alone. In addition, there are programs that have source codes on the net.
Of course you will use them, but up to a certain point. You can download these resources, you can see them from YouTube.
I get private message, bro what’s the code etc. Even if you ask Google what you’re saying, it comes out.
Let me give you an example of the codes shared on Turkish sites may be insufficient for you. You can also browse foreign forums for this.
In foreign sites they write the meaning of the codes and explain what the codes they have already given.
You can look at foreign forums. You can research from google, youtube etc. You can’t be a programmer any time you want to.
You may have to spend years on it. I see friends ho started first. They lose your enthusiasm after 2 days or some people don’t like my programs, they don’t download them etc they say.
Most of you are just getting started. My advice to you is NEVER return from the path you started. Proceed on that path. Not everyone can learn the codes immediately when they start programming. But you can do determined work. Go ahead, even if you aren’t eager. NEVER give up. Me and a lot of others didn’t give up and we got here. The spirit of research is one of the most important points, friends. Gain the spirit of research. You can ask Google instead of opening a topic to the Help Center or asking by private message.
Unless you exaggerate it, make sure you will find out every code and meanings. Look, this forum isn’t a simple forum. To be a programmer in this forum which has been going on for years, let me show the parts you need to research;
1. Visual Basic
2. C / C++
3. Java
4. Delphi
5. C# J# Vb.Net (.Net Languages)
6. Other Programming Languages Databases
7. Programming – RSS

There are really nice resources in these categories. At first, we made programs that were simple and useless. We asked Google to look at these topics.
We asked a lot of people. I want to tell you that nothing is going to happen without research. Now you are saying my brother, we are reading, we are not understanding.
The open your notebook or text d0cument and rite the codes you learned in your notebook. Write down their meaning. Make sure these will come to your mind when you write a program.
That’s what I did. I opened the text d0cument, repeated the code I learned. I always write a lot. I even wrote 1 code 50 times. Then I turned it off and started trying the code 30-40 min later. I started writing without any hesitation. Yes you can all do that. When I say programming, don’t think of codes like 0101001101010. Programming is entirely based on English. You can do amazing thing even with simple programming languages.
Don’t start writing programs right away. First learn. For example, do as I say first. Don’t share the program during this time.
Learn codes and the meaning of the codes etc. try to do it later. It ill be more enjoyable than sharing a code you have learned right away, I assure you.
The programs you do by knowing and learning will give you more pleasure. Don’t mind the comments. Do it anyway.
Think out of the existing programs. For example, most of the beginners make “Calculator”. This is already available on computers. Why would they use yours?
So you need to make programs that aren’t generally available on the PC. You don’t know the pleasure you get while sharing code etc.
When you make a program and share it, you expect future comments in excitement. A person’s comment will be very valuable to you.
You don’t learn to write a program in 10 minutes. It requires Time, Perseverance, Ambition and Spirit of Research.
The tips I gave are really good tips, that’s how I started. Many people says which programming language should I use?
Look, I first started from Vb.Net. I have prepared a sequence for you as follows.
Go by This Order;

Learn. These are listed by their ease from easiest to hardest.
I prefer C++ and Delphi for professional programs, hacks and games.

I have topics describing programming languages and general topics. Especially look at top topics.
These issues are completely given entirely for you to learn, friends. You just need to be patient and focus.
There is nothing mankind can’t accomplish. Remember that everything goes through patience. I can give you this much.
I can’t transmit my code information to you in abnormal ways, unfortunately. So be an investigator.
As I end my article, I remind you again and again that this is my most important note;

Researching, Note-Taking, Self-Confidence and Being Patience.

I hope you will be useful programmers of the future. After this topic, if you want to send me a private message and ask for the code again, I will send this topic over and over again. Read from beginning to end.

This topic was written entirely by me.
Regards Black-King

Translator: @Provido

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