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What to Do After Installation WordPress

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06-07-2020 13:45

Hello Turk Hack Team family.

In this topic, I will show you what you need to do after installing WordPress.

Subject Content

Installing Theme

Delete Ol Posts

Permanent Connection Settings

WP Fastest Cache Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin

Google Search Console Setup

Site Map

Robots.txt file

Bring it Like Google

Installing Theme

You can upload themes to your WordPress site or use existing themes for free. If you want to look at themes for free, you can open the view > Themes section in the panel and select the theme you want to and set it up.

How to Install WordPress Theme?

Install Theme Through Panel: Before uploading your blog or any theme you need to zip it on the desktop. Then, select the theme that you zip on the desktop from the Add new section in View > Themes section. After you install it, you will only need to activate it.

Installing Themes with FTP Tool: The operations you need to do after connecting to the fields of your site with the FTP tool are very simple. After accessing Public_Html > wp-content > themes section, you need to upload your theme files on the desktop into a folder. After installation, activate the theme from View > Themes in the panel.

How to Delete Old Themes From WordPress?

When you connect to your WordPress infrastructure with Ftp tool in the same way, come to the theme section and delete old themes that you don’t use. I’m sure a lot of you might ask, what’s the point right now? If you don’t deleted the old themes, there will be a great burden for your site. As a result of this load removal, your existing files can be uploaded quickly to users and also play a big role in speeding up your site.

Deleting Old Posts

After establishing the theme, we are sure that promotional articles will be found. If you don’t delete these old foreign articles, search engines bots may be able to publish your site by scanning when they arrive. For example: displaying those unnecessary irrelevant articles when searching for WordPress in search results can affect your quality score an visibility.
Posts > All Posts I recommend you to delete all content that isn’t related to you in there.

Permanent Connection Settings

The url line is one of the most important points for search engine bots and also for users on which page they are on. If the url line is made straight, bots won’t be able to read it comfortably. Assuming that it is a Day, Month or number structure, it will be a mixed and long address. In the WordPress permanent link Settings section, you should always choose the text name. When the title you specify appears in the url section in the same way, it is fully compatible with SEO. You will only need to mark the text name and register it.

WP Fastest Cache Plugin

Thanks to WordPress Fastest Cache plugin, your site doesn’t encounter cache problems. It automatically reduces the file sizes such as Html and Css, allowing your site to load quickly. Automatically clears the cache when a text or page is created. You can add the WP Fastest Cache plugin from the plugins > Add New section in the WordPress panel. Activate it after installation and it will fall into the panel as a feature. Then, the first thing you need to do is change the language preference to Turkish in the settings section of the plugin. After you come to Turkish, you need to open and save all the features as I mentioned in the above. Then you can apply the Delete Cache and Delete Cache and Minified CSS / JS operations and easily use the plugin.

Yoast SEO Plugin

I strongly recommend that you use this plugin, which has a big role in your site being SEO compatible.
Now I think you have learned to install the plugin and after the installation process as it is located on the side of the small and quite simple to use menu welcomes us.

Dashboard: Here you will find information and updates about the plugin where it welcomes you as a Dashboard. In the Features section, there are features that you can use more plugins easily. Thanks to Webmaster tools, which is the last feature of the dashboard part, you can easily connect Google Search Console, Yandex Webmaster, Bing Webmaster and Baidu Webmaster tools to your site.

Search Appearance: Here you can set how the Dashboard section of the content on your site, such as Articles, pages, categories on your site should appear in search results or the sections you don’t want to appear.
Another feature of this section is that it provides a navigation feature called Breadcrumb for search engine bots and users to navigate your site.

Social: You can integrated your own or your site’s social media accounts here.

Tools: Here you can import or export the plugin settings. Also from the File Editor section you can easily access the .htaccess file. You can quickly route 301 from the .htaccess file.

Google Search Console Setup

Thanks to the Google Search Console tool, you can detect errors that may occur on your site and even learn how you appear in search results. I strongly recommend that you check the Search console tool 1 times a week because this tool allows you to monitor user behavior as well as setting strategies for your site. Let’s move to the Search Console setup.

How to Install Google Search Console?

After logging into the Search Console tool with your personal e-mail, follow the steps below. Installation will take a place within a maximum of 5 minutes, but it takes 1 day for the data to be read and reflected to the tool.

Add Feature: After entering the interface, on the right side is the expression Add feature. In the Add feature section, type address where your your site is fully opened and proceed.

Recommended Method: Put the .html file provided here in the main directory section of your site. After providing the connection with FTP tool, transfer the downloaded file to public_html. Then, after selecting I am not a robot, do the verification process.

Site Map

A sitemap is required for search engine bots to easily scan and track the pages on your site. Creating your sitemap with SEO tools or similar applications is very easy and fast. After you add the sitemap that you created in Xml format to you site’s home directory, you should notify Google.

Reporting The Sitemap to Google

After you open the Search Console tool, click on use new Search Console above. Then, there are Sitemaps among the menu on the left side, after entering here, type the address of the sitemap you added to the main directory and click send.
Check again a day later and if there are no problems with your sitemap, it is listed as successful under the status indicator.

Robots.txt File

It is sufficient to specify the directories that you don’t want search engines bots to scan or index. When search engine bots enter your site, it examines the robots.txt file and performs the scanning operations in accordance with the permissions you have given.

How to Create a Robots.txt File?

You can create it with notepad. I think you are surprised now, but you read it right, you can make a robots.txt file with notepad. I will talk about the image above.

User-agent: We have given permission for all search engine bots to search this site in the line we specify as *.

Disallow: In the / wp-admin / section, we prevent the admin panel from appearing in the search results for the security of our site. At the same time the number of unnecessary indexes will occur.

Allow: We have blocked access to the wp-admin folder, but here we say that you can only follow the X file in the folder that we have blocked.

The purpose of adding the sitemap we just created to the robots.txt is to make it scan faster.
You need to add this file that you created to the main directory.

Sending Robots.txt to Google

After logging into the Search Console tool, go to the Scan > Robots.txt Test Tool section. Then, write and test the txt file you have indexed into the test tool below. After the test is successful, complete the submission process.

Bring it Like Google

Guys, now we are getting close. Finally, I would recommend you to bring it like Google for your site. Use Search Console > Search > Google Fetch to get search engine bots to come to your site faster and search. After choosing fetch and create for your homepage, request to be scanned.

I hope you enjoyed the Subject and It was Helpful.

Thank you For Reading.

Stay in Peace...

Best Regards


Translator: @Provido


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