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How to Make Yandex SEO?

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06-07-2020 13:56

Hello Turk Hack Team family.

In this topic, I will tell you ho to do SEO work for the Yandex Search Engine.

How is Yandex SEO working?


As with all search engines, it is very important for Yandex to have your content in quality, original and understandable. Because search engines want sites that benefit the user. And if the requests are met, your site will rise to a higher rank. Yandex look more at the quality of your posts than pictures, decorations etc. in your content. If you write your content on your site without writing long paragraphs, using color titles and subheadings, using enough pictures and decorations, giving material, not doing c/p and paying attention to punctuation and spelling rules, you will rise to the top of the Yandex rankings.

Age of Domain

Another important point for Yandex SEO is the age of your domain. Yandex thinks that sites with older domains are more authoritative and therefore it tries to keep old domains higher. If you bought a new domain and opened a site in Yandex, it will be very difficult for you to get to the top in Yandex. For this, when opening a ne website, using a domain opened in the old history will make it easier for you to rise to the top ranks.


It isn’t appropriate to use keywords that are one of the most important elements in all browsers, neither too often nor too little. The keywords you will use at the appropriate points will make your site more up-to-date and top ranking. You need to search for current, frequently used keywords that are relevant to your site’s domain and organize your content according to those keywords. In this way, you increase your site’s hit and topicality of your site as people will get more into sites that share content related to competitive keywords. You can use Yandex’s Wordstat site to determine the keywords you will use on your site.


Backlinks to your sites in one of the important criteria for Yandex SEO. Your site will get organic backlinks thanks to the authoritarianism of your site will be increased. Because of this, Yandex will take your site to a higher rank. The thing to look out for when buying backlink is that it is organic. My advice to you is don’t take paid backlinks to your site and don’t take more than 2 or 3 backlinks from the same site. Because the Yandex algorithm will distinguish this and think that your site isn’t authoritarian and you are trying to deceive itself. And it will prevent your site from getting higher in the rankings.

Spam Comments

Spam messages will reduce the quality of your site. To do this, use anti-spam plugins/tools on your site, constantly check the comments on your site and remove the inappropriate ones. Try to prevent users who are constantly displaying the same attitude. Always keep comments to your site clean as Yandex also evaluates comments coming to your site when determining rankings. In this way, you can ensure that your site is places higher in the rankings.

Descriptions of Me-ta

The content of the pages on your site should be described in a short and concise way in the Me-ta tags. Someone who sees your site in the rankings will first read the title of your site and then look at the description of Me-ta. For this, you should use a descriptive and fluent text, using max 170 characters, to match the content on the relevant page. In this way, any searcher will choose to enter your site instead of competing sites. Thanks to this, your site’s hit will increase and you will take place at the top of the rankings.

Speed of Your Site

As with all search engines, site speed is one of the most important criteria in Yandex. If it slow, your visitors won’t be able to be patient and they will leave your site without entering it. Therefore, your site’s click rates and the time users spend on the site will decrease a great deal. To prevent this you should check the speed of the pages on your site frequently and start working to speed it up. The most popular tools you can use to measure your site’s speed and get recommendations are available from this topic.

Ads On Your Site

Ads on your site shouldn’t disturb the users who visit your site. Users who visit your site may be uncomfortable with frequency , size or content of ads and leave your site. In this case, the average time spent on the site by users entering your site decreases, the quality of your site will decrease and the rankings will place your site in lower positions.

I hope you enjoyed the Subject and It was Helpful.

Thank you For Reading.

Stay in Peace...

Best Regards


Translator: @Provido


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