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24-09-2020 08:44

Hello dear TurkHackTeam community, in this topic I’ll prepare an article that I will talk about WordPress. I hope it will be a useful topic for everyone.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a publishing system where we can make our personal posts. MySQL and PHP languages are used in WordPress. WordPress has a GPL license. The long version is (Content Management System). Although the general purpose is to write blogs and articles. With WordPress we can organize all the content you can think and publish our topics.

One of the best features of WordPress is that the page upload speed is very good. WordPress pages have a good upload and indexing. You don't need to pay any fees for WordPress the most used for blogging in the world. WordPress is open source software. That's why everyone can use WordPress while editing different content. According to an article a quarter of about 1 million sites per year are edited by WordPress.

Where we can use the WordPress?

When the WordPress was created, it was just a software designed to create or edit a blog site. Since WordPress is open source, people who are devolopers constantly bring updates. Thanks to the improvements/updates made it has gained a wider use over time. As the usage areas have expanded it has become very easy to use.

With the WordPress, you can create sites on many different topics such as games, videos, e-commerce and forum sites. Thanks to the easy use of WordPress, all of the sites can be created and easily managed. With the easy setup you can quickly set up your site and produce content very quickly. With the WordPress, you can create a good personal blog and share your information with your friends.

The Usage of WordPress

The number of people using the WordPress is increasing every day. In this way people who use the WordPress can prepare their websites in a very short time and make editing very easily. Since WordPress is a free and open source software in this field, so it is supported and developed by professionals. That's why it is among the best as an excellent blogging software.

WordPress which is used by one out of every four people to organize a site and publish content on the Internet. It has nice features such as being free and open source, as well as being very easy to use and allowing sites to be published quickly.

Site Management with WordPress

With Wordpress, It's possible to create a website (blog or e-commerce) that you want without being tied to anything. You can change all of the things in your website, like contact information or products etc.


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