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What is JavaScript?

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24-09-2020 08:52

JavaScript is one of the world's most popular software languages with a history of over 20 years. It is also one of the basic 3 software languages for web developers.

•HTML: Allows you to add content to a web page.
•CSS: It determines the design, style and layout of web pages.
•JavaScript: Manages the behavior of web pages.

JavaScript can be learned quickly & easily. Can be used for most purposes, from enhancing the functionality of websites to running games. With the Github, we can find many JavaScript templates and applications for free.

JavaScript from past to present

JavaScript was created by Brandan Eich (a Netscape employee) in 10 days in September 1995. It was originally called as Mocha but then the language was named Mona and then LiveScript, just before it became JavaScript. The first versions of the language were specifically specific to Netscape and had limited functionality but continued to grow over time with the help of the developers.

In 1996 JavaScript officially became ECMAScript and ECMAScript 2 came out in 1998 then ECMAScript 3 in 1999. This evolved into today's JavaScript and it worked not only on different browsers but also on different devices such as mobile and desktop computers.

JavaScript has continued to grow ever since and as of 2016, 92% of websites started using the JavaScript. In just 20 years it has grown from a primitive language to the world's most popular language. If you use the internet, you must have seen this.

Why is JavaScript wonderfull?

JavaScript has several advantages over its competitors, especially in certain field. Some of the advantages of JavaScript include:

•You don't need to use a compiler because web browsers evaluate it with HTML.
•It is easier to learn than other software languages.
•Bugs are easier to find and solve.
•It can be set to specific web page elements or exceptions, such as mouse clicks.
•JavaScript can run on multiple platforms & browsers.
•With JavaScript, you can evaluate input and reduce manual data checks.
•It makes websites more interactive and grabs the attention of visitors.
•It is faster and simpler than other software languages.

What are the JavaScript weaknesses?

All software languages ??you can think of have some weaknesses. The problem is that when a software language becomes popular like JavaScript, it attracts attackers, scammers and other malicious third parties.

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