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What is Google My Business?

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24-09-2020 09:10

Hello to dear TurkHackTeam Family.In my this subject I am preparing a writing for give to information
and present my research about "Google My Business".I hope that will be helpful and nice to everybody.

What is Google My Business?

Since 2014 it working for provide to show l0cation and contact information at local searching of business
It is a free tool that will provide to all users reach their needs quickly, stand out from their competitors and make a difference between them.
You can introduce to your company at search querys and maps by using Google My Business.
Although not well known, its effect is incredibly amazing.

We can say Google My Business (GMB) is an important factor of a database that has companies and local SEO's.*

You can add the details of your company (the link of your company's website, addressses of your company, telephone number, e-mail address
,which category that you giving service, working hours, the foundation year,are you providing to free wi-fi or not , even density condition etc.)

Not only business owners but also customers can upload photos and leave comments on GMB.

The other good things of GMB is, it's analysis.

You can learn how many people looked to your profile, how many times your clients called you
,how many times your website has been clicked from your profile etc.

How can I start to using Google My Business?

For starting to use GMB the only step is create a company profile from main page of GMB.
If you already have, notify you have a company owner to Google is enough.

GMB has a procedure for confirm to you are a company owner.For blocking to someone make changes at your profile you have to confirm with your telephone, SMS or e-mail.
It usually takes three business days for Google to verify and update the information.
After the verification process, you can start filling your business profile.

Important Note: The company which has the account of Google My Business can ranked along with other businesses selling the searched product in the search results with distance information
and can get ahead of national brands with huge advertising budgets.

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