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The Things That You Have to Know Before Giving Ad to Google

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24-09-2020 09:49

Hello dear TurkHackTeam Family, In this my subject I am preparing a text that I will talk about the things you have to know before giving ad at Google. I hope that will be helpful and nice to everybody.

The Things That You Have to Know Before Giving Ad to Google

Let's suppose you want give ad at Google but you don't know how. Before create a Google Campaign you should read this subject will positive effect to perform of the campaigns that you will have.

Search engine ads are the digital marketing channel that all businesses divide the most price. The biggest advantage is that it allows you to reach users who know exactly what they are looking for. I will talk about to the points that you have to be carefully about them at down.

Let's suppose you dont have internet but you have a company.How would you advertise your business? Maybe a TV commercial, maybe a billboard. Maybe you will want another business to mention it. But even the person whose working there can't be aware of it.

By rating to Google advertisement you can reach to your potential customers when they need to you. After that little business started to easily reach of their potential customers with true strategy.

Check Your Opening Pages

In summary, the landing page is the page to which you direct users who click your ads.
Even you have a perfect Google advertisement page if is your opening page is presents bad impression,you can't get efficiency from ads. Mostly ads are dont directs to the page that interest with ad, they directs to main page.
This is a wrong situation, please don't do that.

Make Keywords Analysis

Before you make a campaign at your Google advisement account you definitely should make keywords analysis. By make keyword analysis you can learn to which type your customers are searching your services and product. Also you can learn your rivalry situation of the keywords you selected. So you can develop strategy with the budgets you determined

Example: You have limited advisement budget,sharing ads at the keywords which has less rivalry
or it can tell you that you should not enter too many races in the keywords you have determined.

You pay every time your Google AdWords ads are clicked. That's why the Keyword analysis is very important. Keywords can receive impressions in queries you do not want, depending on the match type you use. My proposal is to take note of the keywords that you definitely do not want to show ads while doing keyword analysis. So you can block the important queries which can cost unnecessarily while you started to giving ads.

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