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Wrong SEO Usage

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24-09-2020 22:59

Hello, dear Turk Hack Team Family, I am preparing a post in this position where I will talk about the issues that you can get punished for doing SEO work. I hope it will be a useful and beautiful topic on behalf of everyone.

If You Don’t Want To See “Penalty” From Google, Don’t Do Them!

Friends there are some errors made on behalf of SEO to take part in the ranking these errors cause you to be punished by Google. In this position, I will also tell you about things that you should take into account and not do.

Ranking Wars!

Many firms have resorted to fake hit topics offered for a fee in order to get higher in searches. Many false tactics have been used to mislead Google using many factors, such as fake keywords. These have damaged Google’s search quality.

Google Updates

Google’s updates to this problem have found a solution with algorithm updates. The first updates were made unannounced and focused on quality content. So, today, when it comes to SEO, many concepts such as quality content constantly appear! Whether it’s spelling rules, spelling mistakes, the length of the article, Google Now checks and scores everything in a detailed state.

Mistakes Punished by Google

• Beautiful pop-up content. It would be better not to open content that will open randomly.

• If you work with free hosting companies you can damage your site with unpleasant ads.

• Especially don’t try cheating keywords! The correct use of keywords.

• You must be over the age of 18 to participate in the Ad sense program.

• At the beginning of the forgeries that Google understands are copied content. Do not use them.


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