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What Are Cookies? What Do They Do? How To Delete Them?

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08-10-2020 19:44

Hello TurkHack Team Family, In this tutorial, I have prepared an article to tell you about Cookies. I hope it will be useful and I hope you all like it

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are data packages that are created by websites, generally aim to make online stores, social networks and forums user-friendly and store visitor data.

Cookies that we can call small text files that web browsers store on your computer; When you visit a page on the internet for the first time, it starts collecting your information accessible by this website. Thus, websites can recognize who is visiting the site through cookies and adapt to the needs of users to a certain extent.

What Do Cookies Do? Are They Harmful?

=> Through cookies, which have data such as expiration date or time, road and security features, websites can keep you logged in, remember your preferences and provide you with more relevant content. Some cookies are deleted when you leave a website, while others remain for years.

=> Websites "remember" users based on cookies, so when you visit the same site again;

=> Pre-selected items would not disappear from your shopping cart,

=> User settings such as language and special preferences, e-mail address entered via web forms, data such as name or phone number are stored by cookies, so you do not need to enter this data again,

=> Also, data such as time spent on the website are collected for statistical evaluation and user profiles are created, targeting is the basis of personalized advertising,

=> You will not receive notifications such as "subscribe to our news" on first visits,

=> You can see news and weather forecasts related to your region as data about your l0cation will be kept,

It is also very important for marketing strategies that the product pages you visit in online stores are saved by cookies.

When you visit health-related websites frequently, you may see advertisements such as pharmacy products, even on unrelated websites. Therefore, data protection experts; sees cookies as malicious data that misuses your internet tracks for marketing purposes such as behavioral targeting.

Cookies are not viruses. The plain text nature of cookies means that they cannot be run on your computer. For this reason, antivirus programs may not be effective in protecting against malicious cookies.
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