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Largest work in the history of hacker

18-09-2010 20:23
egy spider - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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I've been programming Shell Egy Spider highest modern technology to advance the Arab world and reach for the introduction and prove that the Arab hacker does not say anything about any hacker in the world, whether in thought or in programming or in anything that was
We have been working on this project _ shell _ at the beginning of 2010 until now
And full of every hacker to enjoy this work and his experience in the case
Get into the heart of the matter and explain some characteristics of his shell to Annaa "Is it possible to speak with him
Photos of the shell

You can change the view to the shell for you so that you can hide some parts of it Example

First Exploits

Exploits: This tool combines all the gaps to the world has ever known since the beginning of hacker until this moment
Users: you bring Aliuser own lists of all methods available to server
SQL Reader: The Bakarih files on the server through the gaps Aleskul
Ln-s: exploiting gaps drag files to overcome the protection
Security Information: full information on the server

Second: File
File Manager: a comprehensive editor files
Find Chmod: you search all the files in the files for an authentication server and an authentication Fildarat
Spread Shell: This Mission Directorate Earning a very much needed in the field of a hacker you copy all the files on the shell server to ensure that no survey of the shell on the server with the knowledge that the shell, which is copied to the website owner Aistia scanned because it contains the code to non-survey

III: Sql

Sql Manager: Editor of the databases can be developed so that the amendment to the database on the server
Sql dumper: the device you are copying and retrieval of databases without any mistakes and super fast
IV: Brute
Brute Force: The guess passwords to access the Cpanel (2082) Ftp (21) RooT (2086)
CpanelPassWord: Earning a powerful tool in saluting you Balhbut Alkonfik own files to server and retrieve passwords for Cpanel
Ftp Quick Brute: guess passwords for Ftp
Forum locator: find forums to server
Config locator: find any Konfik to server

V.: Hash

Encoder: Cryptography for most encryption methods
Convert: encryption and decryption


Spam: Miller, for the work of spam
Flood: to blow up the email and send a large number of send

VII Proxy:

Port Scan: Housing for the work on the server Portat
Proxy: proxy server Bybee
Sock: hidden work
COOKIE: change cookies


FTP client: FTP access to the
FTP Upload: raising the files from the FTP
FTP Download: download files from the FTP
IX: Bind
Bind port: reverse connection in every way known

X.: Whois

Enumerate: way to overcome the protection server
Whois: information on the server
Reverse IP: all sites on server
Feedback & Contact Me: Contact Me

Eleven: Crackers

HTTP Form: penetrating web pages
HTTP Auth cracker: guess and penetrate Pages
Hash: Hash guess
Wordlist: a tool to make a list of words the server

Twelve: Index It

WordPress Hack: change all the pages of this script
Joomla Hack: change all the pages of this script

PHPBB Hack: change all the pages of this script

SMF Hack: change all the pages of this script

MyBB Hack: change all the pages of this script

VBulletin Hack: change all the pages of this script

IPBoard Hack: change all the pages of this script

Quick index: change all the pages for each specific ********

Mass Code Injection: change all pages to all files

Tenth III: Change Info

VBulletin Info: change the manager-specific information
Change MyBB Info: change the manager-specific information
Change phpBB Info: change the manager-specific information
Change SMF Info: change the manager-specific information
Change WHMCS Info: change the manager-specific information
Change WordPress Info: change the manager-specific information
Change Joomla Info: change the manager-specific information
Change PHP-NUKE Info: change the manager-specific information
Change Traidnt UP Info: change the manager-specific information

Fourteenth: MySQL Inj

MySQL Injection: Injection of the databases needed by all the possibilities Injector
Find Panel: nice tool to find a path for the control panel of any script or any other site
SQL databases: containing all the tracks of the Admin Control Panel Jdoual all needed by the injection of hacker JAMMEH Scripts

V. tenth: RooT

Take Root: This tool is the ideal tool for Proton in all types of servers so that it contains all kinds of existing and Allecl Root found so far, and also be renewed every week and is pulled on the server hackers and application on the server
Zone-H: registration of sites in Azwn H
Perl Shell: all the ways to run Perl and also this tool is updated for example if you got any new way of skip Utoymteky Perl is run in the shell

VI tenth New:

If new tools have been programmed to be hosted here Utoymteky

And last but not recently been added codes to overcome the sword Maud and protection
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Note shell encrypted, but this shell does not contain any code to mine and you can easily set-top box and make sure of this, but encryption has been to overcome the protections
-------------------------------------------------- ----
Browse the best of the Opera
-------------------------------------------------- ---
The role of the downloaded
Can be downloaded from entering the official site and enter the download icon shell
From here

-------------------------------------------------- ---

How to download

User: Type the user name that you want to save the shell are doing here
Password: The password you want
Your Name: your name so that your shell is made in your name or on behalf of your team, for example


-------------------------------------------------- ---
Contrast / pray for good
-------------------------------------------------- ---
To support site designed to Shell that your friends are invited to enter the Forum and participate in
Enter here and enter the

EgY SpIdEr
And chose the type of Emek and type of data to be sent a message to all friends of the entry

-------------------------------------------------- ---
Please enter the Forum for discussion about how the shell and how to deal with him, and put forward the problems which take you


-------------------------------------------------- ---
Finally I ask the administration to install the theme in order to benefit all, not allow to delete any molecule of theme

-------------------------------------------------- ---
I hope the response from members on this topic
-------------------------------------------------- ---
Example of the shell


EgY_SpIdEr ShElL
-------------------------------------------------- ---

18-09-2010 20:56
merdiven - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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türçe açıkla bakem..
Kullanıcı İmzası

Tüm Haklarım SakLıdıR.

AsıL NiCk : CrHaCkeR
19-09-2010 16:09
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Türkçeyi zaten Zor Çzüyoruz :d :d bide ing. hiç anlamam :d


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