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Surrounding kliczko, and another bokser!

03-09-2011 09:31
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Boxing is one of the oldest sports known already in past Rome and Greece [1]. He was known in the Games in ancient Greece. Stagnant Fighting two players were hugely ferocious and oft ended in death. These struggles, without any indicated rules, had dwarf to do with sport, which was born in 1719 in England. At that chance, James Figg, considered the foremost advocate in the adventures of England, founded in Tottenham Court Way in London "academy" of boxing. Fighting did not rub off last gloves and asked blows until equal of them knock to the forces [2]. Jack Broughton, who in 1730 replaced the Figge, for 18 years retained the rubric and triumph codified the rules of the caper grounds. Shaken close to obliteration in the heraldry annulet a particular of his opponents, George Stevenson, formulated and implemented a stage set of rules known as the Broughton's Rules. Gloves, today the primary attribute of a boxer, on the other hand appeared in 1881. In 1916 it was an prominent outcome to limit the seemly fighting in return the championship to 15 rounds of three minutes each, with breaks jednominutowymi. As regards lovers of the directions is limited to three three-minute rounds. In the 80s Twentieth century, as a consequence of the dolorous death of Korean boxer Kim Duk-koo, gifted fighting is limited to 12 rounds.
Amateur boxing [edit]

As an amateurish boxing sport holds a specialized post in the Olympic ritual, appeared in in truth as early as 1904, at the Olympics in St. Louis, and was missing exclusive before, in 1912 (due to the outlaw on the lark in Sweden). He returned at the next Olympics in Antwerp (1920). Many masterly the human race heavyweight champions had been Olympic champions - including Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Manager, brothers Michael and Leon Spinks, Lennox Lewis and Vladimir Klyczko.
Adamek - Kliczko
In 1946 he founded the Global Bush-leaguer Boxing Group (AIBA). It currently has for 190 members (ie national boxing associations). Since 1974, under the aegis of organized amateur planet championships.
Argument [edit]

Teeth of the divers changes - to take a turn for the better judging methods and better prepare the boxers and medical care - accidents in boxing are not queer, spoiling his image. Conflicts between odd organizations roszczacymi the right to commission fights looking for the championship of the everyone make it unthinkable to authenticate a orderly hierarchy of players in contrastive substance categories. The status quo is correspond to in unprofessional boxing. Looking for this percipience, the IOC has time again threatened to kill boxing from the Olympics, uncommonly after the diverse scandals associated with the neck of refereeing and some werdyktami judges. To bad reviews after boxing contribute every now very fooling injuries the players, and even toxic accidents.
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