Cakewalk Dimension Pro VSTi DXi AU HYBRiD TEAM DyNAMiCS

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Cakewalk Dimension Pro VSTi DXi AU HYBRiD TEAM DyNAMiCS /templates/new/images/468x60_PPS.gif PC-MAC | 2DVD | DVD1: 3.92GB | DVD2: 1.44GB Dimension Pro is the critically-acclaimed synthesizer that combines real instruments with advanced synthesis, giving you endless sound possibilities. The immense two DVD sound library that ships with Dimension Pro makes it the ideal go-to instrument f musicians, while its deep editing and sound generation capabilities have a natural appeal to sound designers. Endless Possibilities Dimension Pro offers an abundance of vital, usable sounds that range from pristine realistic acoustic instruments, thumping basses and cutting leads, to complex, evolving atmospheres. This wide tonal range can be attributed to both advanced sample mapping and a powerful sound-sculpting engine with analog sound generation that lets you mutate and recompose any sound you might imagine. Preset addicts With over 1,500 production-ready presets, you can access the perfect sound f almost any project. Dimension features a powerful pairing of sample-playback and advanced synthesis technologies, capable of covering every aspect of contempary music. 7 GB Library Dimension?s library includes tons of thumping bass, grand piano, searing electric guitar, kickin? drum kits, a full chestral suite, instruments from around the wld, and me. The library also exples the wlds of techno, trance and electronica, providing a comprehensive collection of synth leads, electronic basses, lush pads and gripping atmospheres. Garritan Pocket chestra Cakewalk and Garritan have joined together to offer sound programs based on the critically-acclaimed Garritan Personal chestra. The Garritan Pocket chestra, included in Dimension Pro, contains samples of all the maj instruments in a symphony chestraustrings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion. Electronica Collection Nico Herz of BigTone helped to create Dimension Pro?s breathtaking electronica palette. His experience and mastery have yielded an exciting array of synth basses, bold leads, thick stacks, pads, simulations and amazing effects. Sound Designers Dimension Pro?s deep editing and sound generation capabilities hold infinite potential f the chronically creative. Sound designers will love the hands-on control Dimension Pro offers, making it the perfect instrument f cinema, television, video game, and commercial sound design. Express Yourself Get into nuances of sounds with multiple velocity and keyboard switching and crossfading; advanced sample playback techniques such as multi-looping, sample switching, and legato on Continuous Controllers; enhanced acoustic simulation via physical modeling. Map MIDI controllers to all Dimension Pro functions with MIDI Control Matrix. Mix quickly and intuitively between different elements of your sound program using the Vect Mixer. Multi-stage Effects Per Part Insert and send effects include bit reducer/ decimat, 16 filter types, 5 drive modes, 3 stackable parametric EQs, 6 delay types, 3 chus types, LFO filters, autopan; room simulation and modulation f the finishing touch. Suppted Interfaces Mac fmats: AU, VSTi Windows fmats: DXi, VSTi OS: WIN-MAC Release Info: Cakewalk.Dimension.Pro.VSTi.DXi.AU.HYBRiD.DVDR.D1-DYNAMiCS Cakewalk.Dimension.Pro.VSTi.DXi.AU.HYBRiD.DVDR.D2-DYNAMiCS SUPPLiER: TEAM DYNAMiCS PACKAGER: TEAM DYNAMiCS CRACKER.: TEAM BEAT FMAT....: VSTi/DXi/AU/ HYBRiD/DVDR InstallNote: 1. Unpack 2. Burn Mount 3. Install and use Serial Download:
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