The New Artificial Intelligence Law from the European Parliament

The New Artificial Intelligence Law from the European Parliament
The European Parliament unanimously approved a law that could be considered a turning point for artificial intelligence. It was accepted with a unanimous vote of 488 in favor, 28 against, and 93 abstentions. The law is expected to come into effect from the year 2024, although an exact date is not currently specified. The positive and negative aspects of artificial intelligence were thoroughly examined. With this decision, there will be an increase in scrutiny and regulations on artificial intelligence. Harsh penalties will be introduced to prevent the misuse of artificial intelligence. In our writing, we will examine some of the upcoming rules.


Facial Recognition Applications in Public Spaces Are Prohibited

With this law, artificial intelligence developers will need to present their products to a specific commission and obtain approval before commercially releasing their systems. The decision also banned real-time biometric identification systems along with social scoring systems. As a result of this decision, facial recognition systems through smart cameras will not be allowed in public spaces. Systems used in China that analyze citizens' behavior are completely prohibited.

Strict Rules for High-Risk Transactions

Artificial intelligences such as chatbots on banking or airline websites will be required to comply with transparency obligations. There will be a mandatory adherence to rigorous rules for high-risk and intricate operations like autonomous driving and robotic surgery.

This law will have a significant impact on companies using and developing artificial intelligence. They will need to conduct their operations in a more transparent and secure manner.
If companies and developers fail to comply with the rules, the commission will have the authority to forcefully withdraw their products from the market. In necessary cases, fines of up to 40 million Euros or up to 7% of the company's annual global revenue may be imposed. I believe that with the introduction of these new laws, artificial intelligence will be developed more carefully and systematically. More information on the subject is expected to be disclosed in the future. Although the exact date of the law's enactment is not known, it will be effective from 2024 onwards. Do you think similar laws should be implemented?

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21 Eyl 2007
ai gives big opportunities for everybody. i think we will see epic moments in the future.. (2024-2025)
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